Biden Raises Eyebrows After He Calls a New Hampshire Voter a ‘Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) set social media ablaze with a combination of mockery and confusion after a video of an encounter with a New Hampshire voter where he responded with an unusual quip.

At a campaign stop in the Granite State, Biden was asked by a female voter how he could convince voters that he would be able to pull through and win the nomination after a disappointing fourth-place finishing in the Iowa Caucus.

Biden asked her if she had ever been to a caucus before, and when she said yes, he responded with a quip that quickly went viral.

“No, you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

Watch the video below:

Biden’s comments drew a mixture of mockery, confusion, and criticism on Twitter:

A spokesperson for the Biden campaign said the line came John Wayne movie from the 1950s. This wasn’t the first time Biden used it, after receiving a question from an Iowa voter in January about Obamacare, Biden called the young man a “dog-faced poney soldier” as well.

Several outlets were unable to figure out which Wayne movie the quote supposedly came from.

This is not the first time Biden raised eyebrows for his terse response to potential voters either. On several occasions, Biden has been caught on tape telling individuals to vote for another candidate in the primary. 


  1. fDementia is ugly. Especially in the next “Hillary”. It’s sad that the Dims learned NOTHING about running qualified candidates who are without accomplishments and with embarassing/comproming backgrounds.

    Maybe that’s why they are pushing mini-Hitler Bloomberg, who has some serious and exploitable issues himself. At least they are consistent with the white, old, wealthy theme. Good “diversity” there.

  2. …and if the next primaries do not go your way Joe will you take them behind the gym? Will you bully them into giving your crackhead, stripper-impregnating son a job?

    Will you be stupid enough to brag about it on video?

    Joe must not go. He’s too mediocre, pitiful, and stupid. If Bernie does not get the nom, maybe Joe will debate Trump. I’d pay for that.

    1. ST! Be careful dude!! I don’t want you to end up like the shaking, quivering mass of gang banger ruffian formerly known as “CORNPOP”. We all what happened to him when he tangled with Gropin’ Joe!! CORNPOP has been unavailable for comment ever since!!!

      1. Thanks for the caution but
        1. Joe is no longer a lifeguard getting off on underage children rubbing his legs.
        2. Joe’s story. No one has ever heard CORNPOP’s side. Is this silencing minorities?
        3. No offense to Joe, who would NEVER show up, but if LE shows up it will not be easy. Just saying. Imagine what kind of hell an EE and chemist could unleash in terms of anti-personnel devices when goatherders have IEDs. There is more than one reason I do not have gardenerr. What price would they be willing to pay in personnel and endangering innocents? We will not start on the other hazards they might face. (I can shoot to 600 yds. without optics) and MIGHT have “sit this one out” loads for armoured personnel if I don’t set them on fire (also easy).

        Fire. Friend of man. Scares the mess out of those burning, armord or not.

  3. Way to win hearts and votes Joe!
    Anyone else remember his previous rally attack when someone asked about Snorty, err, Hunter and Ukraine?

  4. Actually, Morte, the Doctor is in the Oval Office, not giving a damn about how he is ruining our country, as long as whatever happens makes him look good, and he can fire anybody that stands up to him. THINK TWICE (OR ONCE) TRUMPETEERS!! You may finally get what you wished for. Pray for your families.

    1. My comment was intentionally ambiguous as it pretty much works for anybody in politics longer than 6 months.

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