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Biden Touts at Least 'Four Women' Who Would Be 'Great Additions' to the Supreme Court


Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) has a few candidates in mind for appointments to the Supreme Court if he is elected president.

Biden appeared on “The View” to discuss the coronavirus, female vice president picks, and those he is considering for additions to the Supreme Court.

Co-host Sunny Hostin opened the exchange with Biden by pointing out that he said he would pick an African American woman for the Supreme Court. She asked him if he had anyone in mind.

“There are at least four women that I think are fully capable and their backgrounds suggest they would be great additions to the court,” Biden said, adding, “The Supreme Court more than any other institution should reflect what the country looks like.”

Watch his comments below:

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Biden cited his experience with helping to confirm current justices to the Supreme Court including Ruth Bader Ginsburg when he was on the Judiciary Committee.

He went on to explain why it is important to have an African American woman on the court.

“It’s important to have an African American woman, in my view, on that court,” Biden said, adding, “I just think it matters, the perspective, everyone has a slightly different perspective. It has to be someone who has an expansive view of the constitution for me.”

Biden currently holds a lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on both the delegate count and in endorsements from other former presidential hopefuls as it is now a two-way race after Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) recently dropped out.

He added three more victories to his list including Florida, Illinois, and Arizona, as IJR previously reported. As a result, Sanders faces more pressure to drop out of the race.

Biden most recently consulted former President Barack Obama about his pick for a vice presidential candidate, as IJR previously reported.

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