Biden Now Says Firefighters Almost Died at His House in 2004, but Here's How the AP Described the Fire


I learned long ago not to believe what Joe Biden says. There are too many kinds of Biden communications that prove he can’t be truthful.

These days, if Biden makes some sort of presidential policy statement, the odds are whatever position Biden claimed to support will be walked back almost as soon as his staff can get to a microphone.

The Washington Post criticized Biden’s “ad-libs” in a May article, but tried to spin it as if the aides just had to “clarify” Biden’s unfiltered talk, instead of outright contradicting it.

Even when no one takes him seriously, Biden’s loose lips contribute to the decay of global stability, like last week, when he talked about pending Armageddon.

Another kind of fable is about self-preservation, as when Biden denies he was involved in his son Hunter’s business dealings with foreign countries. Tony Bobulinksi, a former associate of Hunter Biden, has stated he has messages and recordings as evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement.

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Some fishy stories seem like political pandering, for example when Biden claimed to assist an elderly woman take down a dangerous gang in her neighborhood.

Biden also likes to present groundless progressive talking points as if they were facts, like when he claimed Hurricane Ian ended the debate over climate change.

The Weather Channel has actually documented a decrease in strong storm seasons since a peak in 2005, undermining the argument climate change is growing worse.

Biden’s favorite go-to for malarkey, though, seems to be stories about himself and his imaginary adventures.

Is Joe Biden a liar?

Biden comes up with these tall tales for differing effects. Based on the audience and story, Biden is usually either trying to look more relatable, or more impressive.

When Biden lied about driving an 18-wheeler or bonding with an Amtrak conductor, he was implying he’s one of the common folk too.

When Biden told untruths about being arrested as part of the civil rights movement, or personally meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir during the Six-Day War in 1967 (Meir was not even the Israeli prime minister in 1967), he was puffing himself up as more admirable than he actually was.

In a recent example of an unbelievable personal reminiscence, perhaps to inject some additional drama, Biden on Tuesday brought up new erroneous details to an exaggerated story he’s told before.

“We almost lost a couple of firefighters, they tell me,” he said during virtual remarks at a fire prevention summit, according to the New York Post.

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Townhall shared a Twitter post of Biden, captioned “Joe Biden describes a fire in his Delaware home in which ‘we almost lost a couple firefighters.’”

That sounds a lot more dramatic, and a lot less believable, than a news report from the time, which describes the fire in much more pedestrian terms.

Firehouse, a monthly magazine for the fire service, posted a report from The Associated Press an about the Aug. 1, 2004, blaze.
“Lightning struck the home of Sen. Joseph Biden, starting a small fire that was contained to the kitchen.

“No one was injured in Sunday’s fire, which started amid a storm that caused serious flooding in Pennsylvania and knocked out power to hundreds of Delaware homes and businesses.”

The report quoted a local fire chief:

“Luckily, we got it pretty early,” he said. “The fire was under control in 20 minutes.”

The careful reader will note that there was no talk of any firefighters being “almost lost.”

This was not the first time Biden has blown that story out of proportion.

In November, speaking in New Hampshire on behalf of the infrastructure bill, he claimed his wife, Jill, could have died in the blaze, but “got out safely, God willing.”

In January, when speaking to wildfire victims in Colorado Biden claimed about his house fire, “We only lost about 25 percent of it. We were able to rebuild. But, you know, the hard part is the memorabilia you lost. The special things that you had put away that you lost.”

The amount of damage Biden described does not match the AP’s account from the time.

Some wonder if Biden is a compulsive liar. The traits listed by MedicineNet fit the behavior:

  • Compulsive liars will “bend the truth about everything, large or small.”
  • “Their stories usually do not add up.”
  • They “display the classic lying behaviors, such as avoiding eye contact, breaking out into a sweat, and tripping over their words or rambling.”
  • “They often lie for no clear reason, and sometimes, for no real benefit, they make lies up more spontaneously, don’t do much thinking, and prefer to tell the sorts of lies that they think people want to hear.”

Ultimately, whatever the reasons are, Biden can lie because there are no consequences for it. The mainstream media outlets not only fail to hold Biden accountable, they actively cover up for him.

The lying Biden does is echoed by the lies repeated in the establishment media. Biden is not fit to be president.

And that, you can believe.

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