Biden Weighs in on Foreign Election Influence: Any Country That Interferes ‘Will Pay a Price’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is warning foreign countries if they attempt to influence the upcoming presidential election, there will be consequences.

“I made it clear and I ask everyone else to take the pledge. I made it clear that any country, no matter who it is, that interferes in American elections will pay a price,” Biden said during the final presidential debate on Thursday night.

He added, “They will pay a price. It’s been overwhelmingly clear this election, I won’t even get into the last one, this election that Russia’s been involved, China’s been involved to some degree, and now we learn that Iran is involved. They will pay a price if I’m elected.”

Biden argued, to the best of his knowledge, President Donald Trump has not said anything about Russia’s interference to Vladimir Putin.

Check out his remarks below:

“I don’t think he’s said a word. I don’t know why he hasn’t said a word to Putin about it and I don’t know what he has recently said, if anything… my guess is he’d probably be more outspoken with regard to the Iranians,” Biden said.

He claimed Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is being used as a “Russian pawn” and is being “fed information that is… not true.”

“Everything that’s going on here about Russia is wanting to make sure that I do not get elected to the next president of the United States because they know I know them and they know me,” Biden said.

He expressed his frustration with Trump’s refusal to “take on” Putin when he is reportedly paying bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan and when he is engaged in attempts to destabilize the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Biden reiterated, “Any country that interferes with us will in fact pay a price because they’re affecting our sovereignty.”


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