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Biden Says His Wife Is His Secret Service After Incident With Anti-Dairy Protesters


Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden appeared at a Los Angeles fundraiser on Wednesday night where he commented on the previous incident with anti-dairy protesters during his Super Tuesday speech.

Biden joked, “I’m probably the only candidate running for president whose wife is my Secret Service. Whoa, you don’t screw around with a Philly girl, I’ll tell you what.” 

During his speech on Tuesday, protesters from the group Direct Action Everywhere stormed the stage shouting, “Let Dairy Die.” Biden’s wife, as well as his campaign senior adviser Symone Sanders, tried to stop one of the female protesters as IJR previously reported.

This hasn’t been the only time where protesters have interrupted Biden as IJR previously reported. During the Democratic presidential debate in Nevada, immigration protesters began shouting, “We don’t want you. We want the Migrant Justice Platform.”

In an interview Thursday morning, “TODAY” co-anchor Savannah Guthrie asked Biden if he believed that he and the other candidates should have U.S. Secret Service protection.

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He responded saying, “Well I think that’s something that has to be considered the more outrageous some of this becomes.”

She then asked Biden if it was scary, he referenced his wife saying, “I wasn’t scared for me, I was worried for Jill… She did the same thing at another event in New Hampshire… She and my daughter have more courage than I think— that’s what I worry about, I worry about Jill.”

Watch the exchange below:

CNN reported that the Secret Service is in the process of working out the details to provide more protection to presidential candidates. The agency is reportedly mulling a timeline for providing campaign bodyguards.

The fundraiser came shortly after Biden managed to pull off victories on Super Tuesday after many believed his campaign may have been headed for disaster.

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