Biden Support Crushing Record Lows, Only 18% Say He Should Run for Re-Election


President Joe Biden could soon smash another record in the history of the modern presidency.

A record in futility, that is.

Just 18 percent of Americans say that the 79-year-old Biden should run for re-election in 2024, according to a Yahoo poll.

In the survey of 1,672 registered voters, more Democrats said that Biden should pass on re-election rather than run in 2024. Fourty-one percent opt for the former, while 35 percent back the latter.

This isn’t an approval rating poll per se, but the flat rejection of a Biden 2024 campaign attests to the unpopularity of his job performance.

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Biden secured a far more generous approval rating of 38 percent in the poll, but judging from his re-election support, a significant amount of his support is conditional on the prospect that he leave office as a one-term president.

Other polls pin his approval rating as low as 36 percent.

Judging from Biden’s suggestions that he does plan to run for re-election, his standard approval rating may not matter as much as his support for a second term.

It’s rare for presidents to turn down a shot at re-election, even when they’re as unpopular as Biden.

Is Biden the worst president since Andrew Johnson?

Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson was the last president to give up on the prospect of re-election, and he served more than a single term after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Biden would start a 2024 term at the ripe age of 82, shattering every presidential age record handily.

As president, Biden oversaw an economic evolution that has left American communities resembling many of the world’s third-world countries.

Massive homeless encampments in the Western United States have led the public to question if they’re looking at an American community or the slums of a country such as Haiti or Venezuela.

In fact, it’s exceptionally rare for any American President to receive poll ratings this low.

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Presidents with support from 18 percent of the American public do not tend to end up in history books as inspiring leaders.

At this rate, Biden can expect to find himself lumped in with failures such as Franklin Pierce, Herbert Hoover, James Buchanan and Jimmy Carter.

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