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Biden Test Drives Ford’s Electric Truck: ‘This Sucker’s Quick!’

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President Joe Biden took a test drive of Ford’s new electric pick-up truck as his administration seeks to transition the country to alternative forms of energy and transportation.

On Tuesday, Biden visited Ford’s electric vehicle plant and delivered remarks about electric vehicles and infrastructure.

“The future of the auto industry is electric. There’s no turning back,” he said.

He also blasted former President Donald Trump for failing to pass an infrastructure bill, “They announced infrastructure week! And they announced it, and announced it, and announced it, and announced it — every week for four years. Didn’t do a damn thing. They didn’t get the job done.”

Biden also said he wants to “set a new pace for electric vehicles” and said his administration will reverse “the previous administration’s short-sighted rollback of vehicle emissions and efficiency standards.”

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After his remarks, Biden took a test drive of Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning pick-up truck.

“This sucker’s quick,” Biden told reporters, adding, “I think that we’re going 0 to 60 in about 4.3, 4.4.”

Watch the video below:

A reporter asked, “Mr. President, can I ask you a quick question on Israel before you drive away, since it’s so important?”

“No, you can’t. Not unless you get in front of the car as I step on it. I’m only teasing,” he said before driving away.

Biden used the event to sell his $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan, which includes $174 billion in investments in the electric vehicle market.

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