Biden's Call Into NBC During Thanksgiving Day Parade Gets off to an Awkward Start: 'Are You There?'


President Joe Biden’s and First Lady Jill Biden’s call into NBC during the network’s coverage of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade got off to a bit of an awkward start.

NBC’s Dylan Dreyer said during the parade, “Guys, I think I’m getting a phone call. You know, I’m not one to take a phone call during TV. Oh, but I think — I think I should answer this one.”

A photo of Joe Biden and Jill Biden appeared showing it was them calling into the show.

Dreyer added, “Hello, Mr. President? I don’t think I can hear you. Can you hear me, Mr. President?”

After more silence, she continued, “Hello? Happy Thanksgiving. Mr. President, are you there?”

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Finally, the couple chimed in, “We’re here!”

The first lady said, “Hi!  Happy Thanksgiving.”

Dreyer replied, “Oh! I was so worried this call wasn’t going to go through. How are you?”

Joe Biden told her they are “fine,” adding, “Watching your parade. You’re doing a good job.”

Watch the video below:

When asked what their message is to Americans on Thanksgiving, Jill Biden said, “We just want to say we’re so grateful for the people, for this opportunity, for the health that we have now in America. And just Happy Thanksgiving.”

The president added, “Well, I want to say thanks to the firefighters, the police officers, first responders.  They never take a break.”

Jill Biden then declared, “And God bless our troops, for sure.”

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Joe Biden shared they would be speaking to some troops later in the day.

“And I hope everybody remembers we end every single day with ‘God bless our troops,’ for real,” he added.

Additionally, Dreyer asked the couple what their plans were for the holiday.

“Well, we’re just going to have dinner with the family, probably take a walk on the beach, and just feel gratitude for our family,” Jill Biden responded.

Her husband told the NBC host their family has been “coming up to Nantucket for — since we first got married, the whole family. And it’s become a tradition. And we’re going to go stop at the fire department. We’re going to make sure that we spend some time on the island thanking the first responders here. And we’re going to go see the Coast Guard, the military.”

Concluding the call, Dreyer thanked the couple for calling in and they wished each other a Happy Thanksgiving.

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