'Big Prayers' Singer Drew Baldridge Shares How His Faith Inspired Him to Give Back


Country singer Drew Baldridge opened up about his faith and how it inspired him to help a family.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Baldridge, 31, spoke about the inspiration behind his song “Big Prayers” and how it connects to his love for giving back.

“I put this song out a little while back, and the first verse of the song talks about a family that can’t have babies,” Baldridge explained.

He continued:

“They keep praying about it, and they do. They end up having babies. The second verse talks about how a family, somebody gets diagnosed with cancer, they keep praying about it, they get cured. So, they put the song out. There was a guy that sent me a message on Instagram, and he said, ‘Hey, man, I just want to let you know this song is about, is my life.’”

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Furthermore, the fan told Baldridge he and his wife were told they would never be able to conceive a child, however, that was proven to be wrong.

“‘We have a 13- and a 15-year-old. I’m 35 years old, and I just got diagnosed with cancer a little while back, and I have brain cancer, and I’m going in for a surgery,'” Baldridge recalled his conversation with the man, noting, “It was just the T of the song.”

After his interaction with the man, Baldridge posted their conversation to his social media pages asking for prayers on his behalf.

Jason Carroll, the husband behind the Take the Trip Foundation, which helps “young families impacted by terminal illnesses on one special adventure together” per the foundation’s website, contacted the singer about getting his fan to be a part of their organization.

As a result, Baldridge said Carroll, who started the foundation after his wife, Cissy, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and brain metastases in 2015, “rolled out the carpet for this family.”

“They don’t know if they’ll have their dad forever. He has brain cancer,” Baldridge said of the family.

The fan, along with his family, were taken to Miami, given [Miami] Marlins tickets, and he was given a chance to go down on the field with the team.

“They went deep-sea fishing and the mom got to go have a complete, you know, get her makeup done, do a spa. They went down and had family pictures together and then the mom said that was the first time that she ever had the chance to do family pictures,” Baldridge revealed about the family’s special day.

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In the interview, he shared he’s “just a big believer” revealing how God gave him his talent to help others.

“I just think God gave me a talent of music for some reason and I don’t think it’s to be onstage and look shiny or look cool or egotistical or anything like that. I just think we’re all here to help people and I think everybody can,” he said.

He added, “No matter what job people are doing out there, you can help people in some way. And mine just happened to be this way that I could connect people.”

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