Dr. Birx Calls Michigan Protests 'Devastatingly Worrisome'


Crowded beaches are not the only thing concerning Dr. Deborah Birx after protesters stormed the Michigan state capitol Thursday in opposition to the state’s stay-at-home order.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked Birx if it was safe for protesters to congregate without masks.

She replied, “It’s devastatingly worrisome to me personally because if they go home and infect their grandmother or their grandfather who has a co-morbid condition and they have a serious or an unfortunate outcome. They will feel guilty for the rest of our lives.”

Watch her comments below:

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Birx acknowledged their right to protest but also recognized the importance of preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

“So we need to protect each other at the same time we’re voicing our discontent,” Birx said.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) made the decision to issue three executive orders to extend the emergency and disaster declaration set to expire at midnight on April 30, as IJR reported.

In Michigan, protesters were heard chanting “let us in” and “you cannot lock us out, this is the peoples’ house.”

Some were also seen holding rifles.

Whitmer went on the record to say the protesters do not represent all of the citizens of Michigan, as IJR previously reported.

“Some of the outrageousness of what happened at our capital this week depicted some of the worst racism and awful parts of our history in this country,” Whitmer said. “The behavior that you’ve seen in all of the clips is not representative of who we are in Michigan.”

The protests come shortly after President Donald Trump called on Americans to “liberate” states with Democratic governors including Michigan.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause unrest across the nation. As of Sunday evening, there are more than 1,000,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States and over 67,000 deaths.

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