'Brady Bunch' Actress Eve Plumb Reveals What Life Was Like After Show Ended


“The Brady Bunch” actress Eve Plumb revealed what her life was like after the hit show ended after five seasons.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Plumb, 65, who starred in the sitcom from 1969 to 1974, said life went back to normal for her as a teenager.

“It was a private school. I was a cheerleader, and I just did [the] best I could in school and then planned to go to Cal State Northridge for theater arts,” she said.

Plumb shared she attended a “very small high school” in California.

“And I think in Los Angeles it’s just sort of accepted [if you’re an actor], so I didn’t ever feel ostracized or pandered to in any way. But maybe I’m just unaware,” she stated.

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Plumb also revealed how got discovered and was catapulted into stardom as a child.

“I was 6 years old, and I was not precocious so much, but I was already learning how to read, and I was doing mimicking of voices and things,” she said.

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She continued, “But what happened was a children’s agent moved in next door to us. I had probably said hello to her, and she got to talk to my mother and convinced her to take me on an audition for a commercial.”

As a result, Plumb “got the job” and continued to receive other job opportunities.

“I kept getting jobs for commercials and then parts on television shows. One thing led to another, and I haven’t stopped working since,” she shared.

Today, Plumb said she is still “very involved in continuing to audition.”

“I’ve auditioned for voice-overs. I’m also developing my line of home accessories called Plumb Goods,” she said, adding, “It’s very exciting.”

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She also revealed her love for art.

“I started painting a long time ago when I was in between jobs and I needed something to do, so I haven’t painted in a while. Painting is always great because it’s something I can do any time of the day, and it’s always up to me how it turns out,” she shared.

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