Bud Light Gets Desperate for Memorial Day Weekend, Is Basically Giving Beer Away for Free


As troubles for Bud Light continue to mount, the beer brand is now offering a big rebate on a case of its beer, and it is an offer that is essentially making the beer free to many customers.

Just ahead of Memorial Day, one of the biggest beer-selling holidays of the year, Bud Light debuted its latest offer on its website with a $15 per case rebate (you can see the rebate HERE, after confirming your date of birth).

The offer is shocking because in some cases it not only makes the beer free, it offers cash back from the purchase as the boycotts continue.

For instance, in many Target stores right now, a 15-pack case of Bud Light is only going for $12.99. Meanwhile, at rival Walmart, a 24-pack is going for $18.98.

Yet, Bud is offering a $15 back deal on 15 cans or more. That means that in some cases Bud is paying people to buy a case, or at the very least the offer is resulting in a cost of less than $3 for a case of beer as it tries to get past its Dylan Mulvaney fiasco.

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The above prices are also those on the retailers’ websites, so in-store prices may even be lower as individual stores desperately try to unload the now unwanted beer.

Regardless of the particulars, this Bud Light rebate offer shows that the beer maker is desperate to get Bud Light into people’s refrigerators ahead of the Memorial Day weekend.

Do you think Bud Light can recover?

The reason is twofold, of course. The company wants people to return to the brand, certainly. But they also hope to get a huge stock of beer that is nearing expiration dates sold to people so that they aren’t stuck taking millions of cans back to be destroyed.

After all, Bud Light has offered to buy back all expired products from distributors who have been unable to sell the beer. So, one reason for this huge rebate is aimed at trying to limit that eventual buyback as much as possible.

One other thing to point out, Bud Light is not offering its $15 rebate only for Bud Light. It is also offering it for Budweiser, Budweiser Select and several other Anheuser-Busch InBev beers.

It’s all of a piece with the continuing downward spiral for what is supposed to be America’s biggest-selling beer brand.

From its first ill-fated partnership with Mulvaney at the beginning of March, to the latest week of disastrous beer sales numbers, Bud Light has been struggling to get out from under this growing boycott.

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As more people find a sudden distaste for Bud Light, sales have been collapsing with anywhere from 20 percent to nearly 30 percent lower sales over a year ago. The plunging sales have also affected some of Anheuser-Busch InBev’s other brands, too.

The crashing sales have gotten so bad that some local distributors are launching their own ad campaigns to tell customers that their own families are suffering because people are no longer buying Bud Light and pleading with customers to resume buying the beer.

At this point, nearly everyone is mad at Bud Light. Conservatives are mad that the beer is promulgating the radical gay and transgender agendas, and leftists are mad that Bud Light wasn’t vocal enough in supporting them in the face of criticism of Mulvaney.

So far, Bud Light has not found a suitable path forward as the boycott continues to send the brand into a tailspin.

To date, there is no end in sight for the Bud Light bust. The big question is, will other corporations sit up and take notice?

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