Buttigieg: Amid Self-Quarantine You Can Still ‘Bring Joy’ to People’s Lives

Former South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is reminding everyone of the silver lining they have amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Buttigieg was featured on Rolling Stone’s new web series, RS Interview: Special Edition.

The former Democratic presidential candidate — who appeared on the show from his home office — offered words of positivity to everyone stuck inside under quarantine. He encouraged everyone to be an asset to each other during this critical time.

Buttigieg wants Americans to know that they are “needed” — just in a very unique way right now.

“You’re used to being needed in a certain way that involves showing up somewhere. And now you’re needed in a shockingly different way, which is to sit tight. And yet, from wherever you are, you’ve got a telephone, you’ve got the ability to bring joy into people’s lives, you’ve got the ability to spread good information and combat misinformation, and you’ve got the ability to build yourself up, too.”

He is also challenging everyone watching the crisis unfold to be a source of light for each other.

“Any disaster is a time to look in on neighbors. It’s just at this time we can’t always be physical,” Buttigieg told Rolling Stone senior writer Stephen Rodrick.

He added, “Don’t underestimate the difference you can make. Whether it’s through some form of service, or just creatively, or just reaching out to those you love,”

Watch the interview below:

Like most Americans, the abrupt changes — due to the coronavirus — have also impacted Buttigieg’s life.

Buttigieg revealed it wasn’t uncommon to have “four-state days” and full months away with only one full day home while on the campaign trail.

Now, he and his husband, Chasten, are both considered “unemployed.” Buttigieg shared his reaction to the swift transitions they’ve been forced to tackle over the last several weeks.

“Coming off of the campaign trail is a complicated adjustment for anybody but coupled with what’s going on now, there couldn’t be a more radical change,” Buttigieg said.

However, he admitted there is a positive point there as well. Citing the advantages of quarantine, Buttigieg said that it has been “a time to reconnect.”

Buttigieg noted they have never had so many consecutive days to enjoy meals together in their own home.

Like Buttigieg, many American workers and companies are having to approach life differently amid the coronavirus. Personal and professional changes have been pushed as vital in flattening the curve of the coronavirus.


  1. I am fortunate to live in an area where the majority of homes have green lawns. It’s been nice to hear sibling groups playing or seeing people simply walking the dog as a family.

    The view from my bedroom window is actually livelier these days.

        1. Er. No, i meant its a bummer there aren’t always kids playing outside.

          Morte – sorry if my post implied otherwise as that was totally not my intention.

          1. Morte206 totally took your comment to be a benign one.
            No offense given and no offense taken

    1. Morte206 talks in third person when she posts at night. 😉

      Seriously though, you holding up ok? Are things really as bad over there as the news articles imply? I forget specifically how close to NY you are, but I’m a midwesterner so anything within an hour and I consider that my neighbor.

      1. I live in the Bronx in a section known as Throggs Neck. I am a few blocks from the Long Island Sound and ten minutes from Orchard Beach and City island.

        I am within walking distance of a small park where I like to walk my dog and can do all my essential errands on my tricycle to give you an idea of what it is like in my ‘hood.

        1. I was talking more coronavirus and the panic i see in the headlines regarding NY area.

          1. I realize that but my post was primarily intended to dispel just those “misconceptions” that DeMoron, the media and Mario’s little boy are subtly pushing.

            The entire place (for the moment) is a ghost town and whiIe I would normally see the main shopping avenue near me crawling with people at around noon that is no longer the case.

            I have six people living in my house if it wasn’t for dog walks and a backyard I have no doubt the crime scene photographers would be here as I type.

            Social distancing is very much a real thing in my neighborhood but many of my neighbors are elderly and it’s been a very nice thing to observe the younger, healthier residents take an interest in the Older generation’s care and feeding so to speak.

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