Candace Owens Explains Why She Is Now Pro-Life After Being Pro-Choice Most of Her Life


Candace Owens spoke on Roe vs. Wade and why she’s now pro-life.

Owens, who was pro-choice most of her life, said that her first reason for becoming pro-life was because most women get abortions “under duress” or “because they are fearful.”

“My first introduction to abortion was when I was 10 years old and my cousin fell pregnant,” Owens said. “She wanted to, despite how young she was, about 15 or 16 years old, keep her child. But the family said no.”

Owens explained how “the family,” which included aunts and uncles flew in to meet with her cousin so that they could speak to her and tell her how this would “ruin her life.”

“There were a lot of tears. She wanted her child and ultimately she didn’t end up keeping it,” Owens shared.

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Owens said that when she was 14 years old another cousin of hers became pregnant.

“Now she wasn’t a teenager and she knew that she wanted to keep her son, but a bad boyfriend didn’t want her to keep him. He put a lot of pressure on her to have an abortion and it actually amounted to him breaking into her home, threatening her, trying to physically harm her, to convince her to get this procedure,” Owens explained.

Owens said that despite the media depictions of people pretending that women are “flowery” and “skipping into the clinic” and “it’s what they want to do” because they feel “empowered,” or “they just want to have this procedure,” and are going to “feel great” that’s not what is really happening.

“I’ve known six more women since that have gotten abortions and it’s always the same scenario. Mom’s upset, your parents are upset, your friends tell you that your whole life is gonna be ruined, your boyfriend tells you that you’re going to ruin his life. Women are operating under duress. It’s a game of peer pressure,” Owens said.

Owens, who was nine months pregnant at the time, said that abortions are harming women, “physically and spiritually.”

“The majority of women are being harmed spiritually by the pressure to get an abortion.”

Owens said her second reason for being pro-life is because, “we’re not even debating abortion anymore in this country.”

She mentioned how women have used this as an opportunity to threaten violence against Supreme Court Justices and acting like they’ve been “possessed by a demon” in their protests.

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“The idea that I could stroll into a clinic and there are people that believe I should be able to have this child removed from me, this child I feel kicking in my belly, every second of the day, we’re not talking about abortion, we’re talking about child sacrifice,” Owens said.

Owens said her third reason for being pro-life is because, “we were never debating abortion in the first place. We were always debating eugenics.”

She spoke about the history of “Planned Parenthood” and its Founder Margaret Sanger.

“She was an avowed racist and a eugenicist. She believed that the negro race needed to be exterminated,” Owens revealed.

Owens said her fourth reason for being pro-life is because Roe vs. Wade has always been unconstitutional.

“We have a lot of people running around operating under some false assumption that the Supreme Court took away their constitutional right to an abortion. No, you never had a constitutional right to an abortion,” she said. “The Supreme Court does not have within its power the right to make laws.”

Owens said her fifth and final reason for being pro-life is because she’s a woman and a mother.

“I believe that our role as mothers and as women in this society is to fight for children and to protect children at all costs,” she concluded.

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