Carlson: Asbury Revival 'Amazing,' People Turning to Spiritual Life to Counter Evil in the World


Fox News host Tucker Carlson described the nonstop Christian meeting that has been taking place at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, as “amazing” on his Wednesday program, adding it is a much-needed counterweight to all the evil in the world.

Carlson interviewed Alison Perfater, the student body president at the university, to get her firsthand account of what exactly is happening.

He began the segment arguing it’s getting harder and harder not to categorize all that is happening in the world in theological terms, like good and evil.

And a lot of things out there are “just evil.”

“And the good news is a lot of people are starting to think about what happens when you die, and they’re becoming much more interested in the spiritual life, which has been basically extinguished in the public square for a long time,” Carlson contended.

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He then showed footage from the meeting taking place in Hughes Auditorium on Asbury’s campus, with people worshipping and praising God through music and prayer through all hours of the day and night.

“What is this?” Carlson asked Perfater.

“That’s the question, right?” she responded.

Do you think revival will spread all over the U.S.?

“A theme or a Bible verse that we’ve all been sharing with each other is Habakkuk 1, and the Lord says, ‘Look at the nations and watch, for I am doing something in your day that you wouldn’t believe if you were told.’”

“And it’s happening, and we can hardly believe it,” Perfater said.

Carlson confirmed that the whole thing began during a regular chapel service when a young man got up and transparently confessed some of his sins. The atmosphere then changed.

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“That’s completely what happened,” Perfater answered. “For seemingly no reason at first on Wednesday, February 8 it didn’t end. That’s kind of the logistical side of what’s been going on.”

“On the deeper side of things, what’s been happening here since Wednesday is there’s a young army of believers who are rising to claim Christianity, the faith, as their own, as a young generation and as a free generation, and that’s why people cannot get enough,” she said.

“That’s amazing,” Carlson responded, adding that “everything finds equilibrium.”

Perhaps he meant the younger generation had been pushed so hard by institutions toward a secular, statist worldview, there was bound to be a counter-reaction.

Perfater offered that the lockdowns of 2020 impacted her generation a lot.

“And so you have to wonder, ‘What’s going to break?’ In this case, the Holy Spirit has interceded for us here at Asbury and across the nation,” she said.

Perfater recounted that since the revival has broken out people have come to their campus from almost every state and other nations like Brazil and Indonesia.


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NBC News reported Wednesday that students and faculty from at least 22 other universities have also traveled to Asbury to experience the move of God for themselves.

According to CBN News, similar awakenings are happening on other college campuses such as Lee University in Tennessee.

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