Cassidy Hutchinson's Book Claims Fall Apart After Man in Story Speaks Out


Former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson is back with more dubious claims about occurrences within Trump’s inner circle.

On Tuesday, Insider reported that Hutchinson’s new memoir claimed that Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows, who is a devout Baptist, never drank alcohol in his life before downing multiple White Claws in the White House in November 2020, apparently unaware that they contained alcohol.

In her new book “Enough” Hutchinson said that Meadows consumed the first beverage in front of White House budget director Russ Vought, who she claimed is a “faithful Mormon.”

When Hutchinson asked Meadows how much he drank, Meadows said that he was halfway through one and counted three others that he had just finished, meaning he drank 3.5 cans of White Claw.

Hutchison then claimed that Vought said to Meadows, “I know times are hard now, but are they really that bad,” which queued Meadows into the fact that he was drinking alcohol by mistake.

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This is a funny and lighthearted story, but there is just one major problem — none of it appears to be true.

Unfortunately for Hutchinson, the key witness in the story, Russ Vought, has taken to X, formerly called Twitter, to point out that the interaction with Meadows never took place and to set the record straight on his religion.

Is Hutchinson credible?

“This story from Cassidy is a total fabrication,” he wrote.

“I’m not a Mormon and this interaction with Mark never occurred.”

Frankly, this is just embarrassing.

Here you have a woman, who was an insider at the Trump White House, claiming to be spilling the dirt on the administration, while not even getting the basic facts about her story correct. In this case, that fact was Vought’s religion.

If she cannot get that simple part of her story right, then how many other errors does the book contain?

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Frankly, though, this is just par for the course for Cassidy Hutchinson, as this was also the woman who claimed that Trump lunged at a member of the Secret Service and tried to grab the wheel of his limousine during the events of Jan. 6, 2021 — a story that was later proved to be false.

If you want to find out the truth, Cassidy Hutchinson is not the person that you should be listening to.

Her repeated dubious stories completely undermine her credibility.

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