Champion Trump: Former President Touts Big Tournament Win in Face of Weaponized Indictments


If the four weaponized indictments hanging over former President Donald Trump’s head are dampening his mood or interfering with family traditions, he’s certainly not showing it.

Amid all of the legal drama surrounding the 45th U.S. president, Trump has been delivering body blow after body blow on Truth Social, targeting his detractors and political rivals alike.

But every once in a while, Trump throws out a Truth post that reminds you that for all of the extraordinary circumstances surrounding him, he can be a pretty ordinary guy.

The former president threw out one such Truth post when he commented about a big win he just enjoyed on the sort of battlefield most retired men can relate to — the golf course.

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“I am pleased to report, for those that care, that I just won the Senior Club Championship (must be over 50 years old!) at Bedminster (Trump National Golf Club), shooting a round of 67,” Trump posted on Truth. “Now, some people will think that sounds low, but there is no hanky/lanky.

“Many people watch, plus I am surrounded by Secret Service Agents. Not much you can do even if you wanted to, and I don’t. For some reason, I am just a good golfer/athlete – I have won many Club Championships, and it is always a great honor!”

Yes, the line “For some reason, I am just a good golfer/athlete” is one of those phrases you can just hear in the former president’s trademark Trumpian voice, and it’s indelibly hilarious.

That line also comes after a separate but related controversy related to the former president’s physical prowess.

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In yet another move creating some brevity for Trump, the former president caused a social media uproar when his height and weight were listed when he was booked at a jail in Fulton County, Georgia.

People immediately latched onto the listed 6-foot-3, 215-pound frame that Trump purportedly sports.

Some took Trump at face value, describing him as an “elite athlete” and comparing him to Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (who is also listed at 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds).

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Others were a bit less inclined to believe the president. Unsurprisingly, Trump’s haters have, again, cast doubt on Trump’s golf prowess.

And look, this writer has never personally seen Trump play golf, and thus can’t comment on the former president’s golf skills — but there’s absolutely no denying that Trump loves golf.

The former president owns a number of golf courses across the world, and he can frequently be seen hitting the links with some of the biggest names the sport has to offer, such as Brooks Koepka and Tiger Woods (whom Trump appears to be genuinely good friends with.)

Finally, it’s worth noting that Trump’s win at the “Senior Club Championship” is far from his most impressive golf “win.”

No, that distinction belongs to the bold and ultimately accurate prediction Trump made that the Saudi-backed LIV Golf would merge with the PGA.

The two announced a blockbuster merger deal back in June of this year — with Trump’s prediction coming nearly a full year before that.

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