'The Chosen' Creator Shares Why He Believes Jesus Would Have Used Social Media


Creator of “The Chosen” Dallas Jenkins weighed in on whether he believes Jesus would have used social media.

The show explores the life of Christ through the eyes of others.

Jenkins spoke with The Daily Wire about why he believes Jesus would most likely use social media.

“I do believe that Jesus would’ve used tools of the day to communicate,” Jenkins said.

He added, “I mean the Bible is obviously the greatest example of that. When the Gutenberg press took the Bible to the rest of the world.”

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Jenkins explained, “So, I do believe Jesus would’ve used tools to expand his message.”

Still, he acknowledged “that there’s something very unique to the time that he came. And I think the fact that he came to a small town. The fact that his ministry was actually quite small, relatively speaking, in many ways speaks to the impact that he had.”

Noting Jesus “came primarily initially for the Jews and then it built from there,” Jenkins added, “I think there’s something that’s quite special about that. So, yeah he probably would’ve used it but at the same time, I do think there’s something we can learn from the fact that he was just as willing and just as eager to be intimate.”

The show’s creator pointed out that Jesus’ relationship “with each person on an individual, one-on-one level was far more important than the masses.”

Do you think Jesus would have used social media?

Additionally, Jenkins told the outlet he believes “sometime social media keeps us from being, having a relationship with and having an impact on that one person as opposed to ten thousand people at once.”

Last year, The Wall Street Journal noted that the show came out of a short film and after Jenkins posted fundraising messages online in 2017.

While the show is free to watch, viewers have donated millions to the production efforts, as the Journal reported.

According to The Daily Wire, Season 3 is currently being filmed in Texas.

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