Chris Christie Attempts to Spin Vicious Booing He Received at Debate, but CNN Host Seems Unconvinced


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie put a positive spin on his debate performance on Thursday morning during an interview with CNN.

Christie, who had the third most talk-time of the eight candidates who participated in the first Republican primary debate of the political season on Fox News on Wednesday, gave himself a pat on the back for using some of the debate to attack former President Donald Trump.

But the former governor opened the debate by being heavily booed and was jeered at for much of the event.

While speaking with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, Christie was asked about what he believed was his “best” moment from the debate.

Christie said he was “proud” of the fact he “went after” Trump early on.

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“If you’re unwilling to confront him when he’s not there, how the heck are you gonna be willing to confront him when he is?” Christie said.

He added, “I’m proud of the fact that I was the only one last night who was willing to do it repeatedly and directly.”

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Harlow responded, “Why do you think that was your best moment to get Republican primary voters to vote for you when you had really loud boos every time you did that?”

Christie said that the mood in the room was not indicative of that of all voters.

“Well, not every Republican primary voter in America was in the arena,” he said.

Christie said his message was tailored for millions of potential voters at home.

Later in the interview, Harlow asked Christie to describe his “worst” debate moment.

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Christie complained about Fox News debate moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, who he said lost control of the room.

“I’m disappointed that the moderators didn’t play a stronger hand in controlling what was going on,” he said.

After Christie refused to let Harlow cut in, she said, “I asked for your weakness, but I don’t think you’re going to answer that. You did get the second most talk time.”

Christie, who was repeatedly jeered, spoke the third-most of any candidate on stage Wednesday at 11 minutes and 37 seconds, CNN reported after the debate.

Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke the most with 12 minutes and 26 seconds.

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