Chris Christie Defends Trump Admin Sending Federal Agents Into Cities

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) is defending President Donald Trump administration’s decision to deploy federal agents into various cities across the United States.

When Christie appeared on ABC News’ “This Week,” he was asked about the federal agents Trump has sent to metropolitan cities with high crime rates. While he acknowledged that peaceful protests for change are needed, the riots, are a different story.

“Americans understand and understood the rightful peaceful protests that were going on throughout the country in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, and you see it happening peacefully all across the country,” Christie said on Sunday.

The former governor added, “Most Americans, George, do not believe that the riots that are happening in Portland and Seattle and in other places across the country that are causing destruction and injury and in some cases death are acceptable.”

According to Christie, the Trump administration made the right decision. He also criticized the mayors of those cities, as he insisted they are too “politically timid” to address the violence erupting in their cities.

“The president is right to address these issues,” Christie said, adding, “If the mayors of those towns are too politically timid to address people who are defacing and destroying their cities, then the president of the United States has to deal with it.”

See Christie’s remarks below:

While Christie did admit that he is not sure if the decisions will help Trump’s presidential campaign, he insisted it is the president’s responsibility to step in if the mayors do not make the call. (7:20)

“It’s his responsibility, as president, if the mayors are willing to walk away from their own responsibility, not to support peaceful protests, but to stop violent riots,” Christie added.

Christie’s remarks come amid ongoing protests and civil unrest in cities across the country. The death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department reignited calls for an end to police brutality and racial injustice.

Since federal troops have been deployed to various Democratic-run cities, protesters are also firing back to defend their Second Amendment rights.


  1. The President has the LAWFUL responsibility to protect federal property and agents.

    Where he’s wrong is in sending fed agents to restore order WITHOUT being asked by the local *ahem* governments or enforce federal law. Let the locals pass or fail on their own lack of merits.

    Remember that Eisenhower was pilloried for sending troops to enforce school integration in Little Rock, despite a SC ruling AND fed law.

  2. As usual the one trick pony; fascist phuhk with his head up his ass,

    Mrs Pelosi”s B*tch, is making the situation worse.

    Everything trumplethinsin touches turns into shit.

    Just like him.

  3. BULL those protestors who are”firing back” have no particular interest in 2A just an interest in violent unrest and destruction.

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