Grassley Hints at Biden Nomination Battles: Dems ‘Are Always Lecturing Republicans’ About Approving Nominees

Republicans in Washington are slowly deserting President Donald Trump’s crusade to overturn his election loss to President-elect Joe Biden. And with a Biden’s inauguration just over a month away, the Capitol is preparing for an age-old battle: the cabinet nominations of the incoming administration.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) anticipated the next stages, saying, “We’re getting perhaps close to a new presidency and so there’s a lot of talk about how the Senate might handle new cabinet people.”

He continued, “Democrats are always lecturing Republicans about approving future Biden cabinet nominees even if we don’t agree with them. Now, that’s pretty darn rich. In other words, they’re saying something like this ‘don’t follow our example from the past four years.'”

The Iowa senator, who has been a leading Trump ally in the Senate, said that Democrats “seem to want two sets of rules for Republican and Democrat cabinet nominees.”

He added, “Trump cabinet and sub-cabinet nominees, even ones that have been easily confirmed in previous Republican administrations faced obstruction and partisan ‘nay’ votes. Many Democrat senators who aspired to be president voted against virtually every single Trump nominee, no matter how well qualified.”

Grassley said that a president should be able to choose his own cabinet, “provided, of course, that they’re qualified and follow the law.”

But he continued, “Can Senate Republicans be sure that if we employ that standard, Democrats will play fair with the next Republican president? I don’t want retaliation for its own sake but the threat of holding Democrat senators to their own standards has been our only means of deterrence of obstruction.”

Grassley said he wants to hear from Democrats why Republicans “should not now adopt their standards and vote down nominees based on politics?”

Biden has announced most of his cabinet positions and Republicans have already suggested that they will fight against at least some of those nominations.

Biden’s nomination of longtime Democratic political operative Neera Tanden to lead the Office of Management and Budget was quickly panned by Republicans.

Throughout his presidency, Trump enjoyed a Republican Senate majority, which allowed him to easily push through many of his nominees. But party control of the Senate under Biden still hangs in the air and will ultimately be determined by a pair of runoff races in Georgia.


  1. Hay Grassley, I sure hope sarcasm was your intention when you stated that Biden’s picks for his cabinet should be qualified to do the job. Dumb ass trump’s cabinet is filled with unqualified clowns.

  2. “But at least [Joke Biden] is attempting to bring the country together.” Jayjay

    In King Donald The Loser’s inauguration speech, he uses the word “together” only four times. If I recall correctly, THREE times that he used the word was in relation to his MAGA slogan.

    Now, if you or I or a responsible politician used the same word, we would have a much different meaning behind the use of the word.

  3. Throughout trump’s presidency, by what’s he’s said and what he’s done, he’s proved that he’s only president to republicans who agree with him and NOT a president for democrats or anyone who challenges his decisions. You “sour grapes” trumpturds are now whining why most democrats didn’t/don’t support him. Pathetic!! Biden has said he wants to be president to BOTH parties. Time will tell if he proves to be. But at least he is attempting to bring the country together.

  4. “Did I hear correctly that it was Cuomo for AG?” Sharal

    I don’t remember YOU complaining when King Donald The Loser chose to add a barely conscious brain surgeon to his royal court, to look after HUD. I mean every brain needs SOMEWHERE safe to live, I guess.

  5. “First order of business:
    He needs impeachment proceedings done for his quid pro quo during his admin as VP.” Arthur

    I am starting to think that that is actually you in your avatar image, Arthur, because you really are a space cadet.

    How much longer are you going to keep pushing those Ukraine lies? Everyone has access to the facts. You are still out in space.

  6. Rita
    Must agree with you. Considering some he is suggesting it’s scary.
    Did I hear correctly that it was Cuomo for AG? Hillary for Supreme Court? Brrrr

  7. Lol. Biden if elected deserves as much crap as the dems gave trump. He should be under the microscope and be impeached. He should be accused at every chance of double speak. His kids should be run thru the ringer and their personal lives broadcasted for the public to see. Everyday biden should made to sweat and defend his every breath.
    First order of business:
    He needs impeachment proceedings done for his quid pro quo during his admin as VP.
    Trump needs to declass everything before he goes. One massive data dump on who is actually pushing the buttons. Ole george soreass will be pissed off.

  8. “we have already seen that he is nominating people who have no business in the jobs he nominated them for.” Rita

    I am confused, Rita.

    I don’t remember YOU complaining about King Donald The Loser putting unqualified people into inappropriate positions of power. Did I miss something important here, Rita?

  9. you already know how the dems will act toward a republican president… we just lived through 4 years of it so unless you want to be voted out when you’re up for reelection Republicans had better refuse all Biden’s nominations… and we have already seen that he is nominating people who have no business in the jobs he nominated them for. Go for revenge…

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