GOP Senator Asks Trump’s Handlers to Have Him Read The Wall Street Journal

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) caused a few chuckles on Thursday when he asked President Donald Trump’s handlers to direct him to an editorial in The Wall Street Journal.

In a tweet sent on Thursday morning, Grassley wrote: “Whoever keeps watch on [Donald Trump] at WH have the economist there especially Navarro read WSJ oped by Henninger.”

He added, “This is what I’ve been preaching to the President for two [years]./President [would] benefit [from] reading it / IN TURN USA BENEFITS.”

Grassley appears to be talking about a column by The Wall Street Journal editorial writer Daniel Henninger.

Henninger’s most recent column, titled “Will the ’20s Roar Again?” addresses economic issues and praised tax cuts.

In the piece, Henninger declared that, because of Trump’s tax cuts, “the consumer is again king.” He also criticized tariffs but, largely, the column spoke on about how wonderful everybody was in the 1920s.

This isn’t even the first time that Grassley has tweeted at Trump, hoping to get him to read something. In early 2017, he made it a bit of a habit, though, at the time, he wasn’t tagging the president in his tweets.

In February of 2017, Grassley tweeted at “whoever monitors twitter at WH for President Trump” and called for the president to “start declassifying.”

On the next day, the Iowa senator sent out a tweet asking when the White House would be open for public tours and saying that his wife wanted to know. That was during the usual period just after the inauguration in which the White House is closed to the public.

But Grassley probably would have had better luck in getting the president’s attention if he appeared on Fox News. On Thursday, around the same time that Grassley was tweeting at him, Trump was tweeting at his favorite network and complaining about impeachment.


  1. “Whoever keeps watch on [Donald Trump] at WH have the economist there especially Navarro read WSJ oped by Henninger.” Grassley

    Dear Leader can read? Word is that he won’t even look at paper unless it has his picture on it.

  2. Grassley in unclear on the concept that those same “handlers” would also read the op-ed for him. It’s an op-ed, not news or even fake news.

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