Cindy McCain Reveals Whether She Would Run For Office


Cindy McCain, the widow of former Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), is revealing whether she is considering running for office.

During an interview with People magazine published on Wednesday, Cindy McCain said when touching on a potential political run, “I’ve been there, I got through that. I’ll sit back and watch others do it and give my blessing.”

Cindy McCain would also not confirm a report that she is being considered as a U.N. aid ambassador under President Joe Biden.

“I’m deeply grateful to be considered for anything,” she said. Still, she claims, “I haven’t given up on the [Republican] Party.”

In her memoir, “Stronger,” McCain also discusses what it is like being a “political spouse.”

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When talking about being in the spotlight, McCain writes her memoir, “Part of the role of a political spouse is to laugh and smile at jokes you’ve heard a thousand times before, and to make it clear with your loyal gaze that there is no place else you’d rather be. … I would feel a twinge in my back and want to kickoff my high-heeled shoes and just lie down.”

She continued, “But as a political wife, you never got to wiggle your toes.”

Touching on being in a “political marriage,” Cindy McCain explained, “I think humor is a great equalizer. And that’s how we were. … John was a very funny guy and then, as it turned out, I found out I was kind of funny, too.”

Cindy McCain called her marriage “strong” and “solid” and said they were “great partners and we had a great life together. I have no regrets, and at the time of my husband’s death, he said to me he had no regrets either.”

John McCain died of brain cancer in 2018.

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