Clinton Calls Leaked SCOTUS Draft Opinion 'Dark': We Have 'No Idea Who They Will Come for Next'


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is warning that other rights could be at risk if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

In an excerpt of an interview with CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell released on Thursday, Clinton said, “This opinion is dark. It is incredibly dangerous. And it is not just about a woman’s right to choose. It is about much more than that.”

“And I hope people now are fully aware of what we’re up against cause the only answer is at the ballot box to elect people who will stand up for every American’s rights,” she continued.

The former secretary of state went on to issue an ominous warning:

“And any American who says, I’m not a woman this doesn’t affect me, I’m not Black that doesn’t affect me, I’m not gay that doesn’t affect me, once you allow this kind of extreme power to take hold, you have no idea who they will come for next.”

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Watch the video below:

President Joe Biden suggested on Tuesday that if the draft opinion holds, states could pass laws to chip away at other rights.

“You know, if this decision holds, it’s really a radical decision,” Biden told reporters.

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He continued, “The underlying premise — and again I’ve not had a chance to thoroughly go into the decision — but it basically says all the decisions relating to your private life — who you marry, whether or not you decide to conceive a child or not, whether or not you can have an abortion, a range of other decisions, how you raise your child — what does this do?”

“Does this mean that in Florida, they can decide they’re going to pass a law saying that same-sex marriage is not permissible? It’s against the law in Florida. So, it’s a fundamental shift in American jurisprudence,” Biden added.

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris said in a statement, “The United States Supreme Court has now confirmed that the draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade is genuine,” Harris said in a statement Tuesday.

She continued, “Roe ensures a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion. It also, at its root, protects the fundamental right to privacy.”

She went on:

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“What is clear is that opponents of Roe want to punish women and take away their rights to make decisions about their own bodies. Republican legislators in states across the country are weaponizing the use of the law against women.”

Finally, the vice president added, “The rights of all Americans are at risk. If the right to privacy is weakened, every person could face a future in which the government can potentially interfere in the personal decisions you make about your life. This is the time to fight for women and for our country with everything we have.”

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