Hillary Clinton Tweets Subtle Message Shortly After Biden's COVID Diagnosis Is Announced


Shortly after President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 diagnosis, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton published a tweet that some people felt was a cryptic message.

The tweet showed a picture of Clinton standing on a tarmac in front of a plane with the words “Clinton Gore” on it.

“On the move, 1992,” Clinton captioned the photo.

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In 1992, Bill Clinton was running for president with Al Gore as his running mate. The photo, then, likely shows Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail with her husband.

Since Clinton published the tweet on the same day Biden was diagnosed with COVID-19, many people wondered whether it was a subtle hint about her plans to run in 2024.

“This is what Hillary Clinton tweeted right after the announcement that Biden has Covid,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ spokesperson Christina Pushaw wrote. “Very subtle.”

Multiple other Twitter users also noted the curious timing of Clinton’s tweet.

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This is not the first time rumors of a possible 2024 campaign for Hillary Clinton have swirled. In an opinion article appearing in The Hill last month, liberal pundit Juan Williams said he wanted to see Clinton run.

“Clinton is exactly the right person to put steel in the Democrats’ spine and bring attention to the reality that ‘ultra-MAGA’ Republicans, as President Biden calls them, are tearing apart the nation,” Williams wrote.

Just yesterday, former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris predicted Clinton would run in 2024 and ultimately lose to former President Donald Trump.

“Ultimately, the left is going to have their candidates, and they’ll probably run Sanders or maybe AOC, and that will trigger Hillary into the race in order to save the Democratic Party from the left rerunning the Hillary Sanders race of ’16,” Morris told Newsmax.

“And I think Hillary will win that contest. I think she and Trump will face it off, and I think Trump is going to win handily.”

Would Hillary Clinton have a chance to win in 2024?

As Morris said, Republicans should feel great about the possibility of Clinton winning the Democratic nomination for 2024. She already lost to Trump once, and she has proven to be an incredibly unlikable candidate.

It is possible Clinton’s tweet on Thursday was nothing more than bad timing. But if she is truly mulling a 2024 run, Republicans ought to feel even better about the chances of winning back the presidency.

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