Clyburn Does Not Think Trump ‘Plans to Leave the White House’ If He Loses the Election

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) is predicting President Donald Trump will not leave office should he lose the 2020 presidential election in November.

According to CNN’s Dana Bash, Clyburn said in a previous interview he does not believe Trump would be willing to give up his office.

Clyburn doubled down on his comments reiterating he does not think Trump will transfer power peacefully.

“I don’t think he plans to leave the White House. He doesn’t plan to have fair and unfettered elections. I believe that he plans to install himself in some kind of emergency way to continue to hold onto office,” Clyburn said.

Watch his comments below:

Clyburn’s comments come just days after Trump suggested delaying the election, as IJR previously reported.

The president issued a tweet on Thursday slamming “universal mail-in voting” and argued if Americans vote using this system the election will be the most “inaccurate” and “fraudulent” election in history.

Trump followed his tweet with another after receiving backlash.

He said his suggestion to delay the election led the media to “finally” start discussing the risks of mail-in voting, as IJR previously reported.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) pushed back against Trump’s idea.

McConnell insisted the election will be held on the scheduled date with no exceptions.

Schumer accused Trump of using the idea to divert attention from his response to the coronavirus.

Pelosi pointed to the Constitution as it grants Congress the power to set the date of the election rather than the president.

As the election approaches, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is on the search for his running mate.

Bash asked Clyburn if he believes candidate Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) should be Biden’s vice presidential pick.

“He should let the vetting and the polling inform him and then he should let his head and his heart direct his actions,” Clyburn said.

He added, “He calls it ‘simpatico,’ I call it let your head and your heart take a look.”


  1. I really don’t want to call you a moron, but I can’t think of a different word that would describe you. Obama wanted to run for a third term before someone told him he couldn’t. You guys think Trump is going to stay past his allotted time because that is what Barak wanted to do. BTW, did Obama ever find those 7 other states that he commented on when asked about the number of states in the United States? Sounds smart for Harvard.

  2. What has he done that has your panties in such a twist? Bringing back jobs from China when Obama let them leave? Killing NAFTA because it was unfair and creating a new and better one more in our favor? Getting the black unemployment to the lowest mark IN HISTORY, after Obama doubled it to 16%. Forcing the UN to pay their fair share when it comes to monies collected from other countries when it was the U.S. who was always paying the lion’s share and then being told what to do by the UN council. I’ll stick with Trump. You stick with delusion.

  3. Don’t forget the longest filibuster in history given by the Democrats when the Civil Rights bill was introduced in Congress because they did NOT want it to pass. And black still vote Democrat. Blows my mind.

  4. OK, let’s talk about the future. With Biden in office (or any other candidate with a (D) after their name, this country will be heading fast toward One Worldism and Socialism. If that’s what you want (might want to check out other countries who practice it) then vote for Biden. If you want America strong and safe, vote Trump. This country is in a mess right now because of the left, not Trump. Defunding police? Really? Open borders? Sure? BLM and no one else? Uh, no.

  5. He’s done more for this country, despite the constant complaints, badgering and harassing from the left, then Obama did in 8 years. So, yea, we want him another 4. Biden is an idiot. My mom had dementia, he looks and acts a lot like she did.

  6. Who cares what he thinks. Trump will leave January 20, 2025 when his second term is up. By then, all the tears from the snowflakes should be properly dried. Their comfort dogs will be all grown up, and they can go about their business watching someone like Mike Pence or Niki Haley take the office.

  7. Brad,
    If you think Biden is unfit, consider Trump. Seriously. Does he know anything about government or policy? Did he ever show any sign of caring? Does he behave like a stable personality? Does he rig the justice system to benefit his friends and punish his enemies? When a public health emergency threatened his election chances, did he face up to the emergency, or did he just try to convince the people that it wasn’t there? Was there anything in his background, besides playing a part in a TV game show, that made him look faithful, or honest, or brave, or civic-minded, or anything except an opportunistic cheat and publicity seeker?

  8. I say no matter who is nominated POTUS….this country is going to go through some very tough and violent times! If people think Biden is the answer they are living with their heads stuck up their a _ _! Denial of how fit Biden is or isn’t is just a small part of it. He will be a minion for the squad and Bernie people ideals. Good people are going to eventually discover they have had enough and stand up to all the BS that is attempting to transform our nation. Bad people are going to continue violence and rioting. Peaceful protests is a facade for all these ANTIFA and BLM criminals. Why would 80 million people get back ground checks and purchase firearms from March to June? In just a little over a 100 day’s…..unfortuneatly…. “It’s coming to a city near you”……

  9. It’s amazing how trumturds can only talk about the past. That just means they have no current arguments that pertain to what’s happening now. Repubs look to the past to place blame and dems look to the future to rebuild America.

  10. Speaking of not leaving.
    You are 80 years old.
    You gonna wait to be carried out of Washington in a casket?

  11. Cynthia – Apparently you don’t know that to ignore history will cause you to repeat it. 160 years ago Democrats convinced the Southern states to secede from the Union by telling them is wasn’t about slavery, it was about States Rights. 160 years later, Democrats created Sanctuary states and cities, against Federal law, so they could take advantage of illegals’ votes and illegals being counted in the census, determining number of reps in the House and Federal money. When the Federal government stated this was against Federal law and sent ICE to deport illegals, Democrats one again shouted, “States rights”. In 1860 when the Union sent troops into the Southern states to enforce anti slavery law and keep the states from seceding, the Democrats claimed the Federal troops were an occupying force and called the resulting war, the War of Northern Aggression. 160 years later, the Democrat support of the protests have resulted in widespread riots, destruction of Federal property and looting. When the President does his job of protecting Federal property and quelling this unrest, the Democrats, once again, claim the Federal troops are “occupying” Democrat run cities. It’s the same old tired song, sung over a period of 160 years. The Democrats never change their tune. They cause problems, then use propaganda to make it look as if the people trying to stop the actions are somehow violating the Constitution. Democrats use unrest and chaos to get support for their seeking power and control. Cynthia comments about Thurman, but she should look up the wonderful Sen. Byrd, Exalted Cyclops, and his comments about blacks. He was the Hillarrhoids mentor. Andrew Jackson, who’s statue has been removed by protesters, was the creator of the Democrat Party. The KKK was created by the Democrats. The Klan marched on the 1924 Democrats convention to determine the nominee for the Presidential election. It was called the Klan Bake. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  12. And the Cult-45 here on IJR continue to say nothing about this idea because they agree with EVERYTHING that their Dear Leader says or does, like the good little cult members that they are.

  13. Clyburn is a lying, cheating, corrupt Democrat. He’s setting up the situation where the election is corrupt on the part of the Democrats. Massive election fraud, which has been set up by the Democrats, with no voter ID, no pre-registration, no verification of who is getting ballots, no records of voting at all, a cheaters paradise. The President would be justified in challenging the election results until proof of no fraud is provided. Of course, after the maneuvering by the Democrats, that will be impossible. People need to watch the polling centers and a record needs to be made of mail in ballots, regardless of the Democrat passed law. America can’t be made into a banana republic by Democrats.

  14. So Clyburn ( never heard of him by choice) is a fortune teller? The only reason he would have is if there is blatant voter fraud which it appears the Democrats are already planning with their hysteria about mail in voting. And uncounted ballots are still being found from the primary. What could possibly go wrong?

  15. Let him try. We will have the SS come and take him out in shackles! Great TV! 😉

  16. Any lie to encourage hate for something that will not happen. If he wins, he’ll stay; if he loses, he’ll leave.

  17. Wow – Screwtape – would rather burn people than books? Was your previous job deep in a forest in Poland and you are writing in from Argentina? Sounds like it. And still comparing Dems and R’s from the 1800’s to today? Give me a break. Let me remind you of Strom Thurmond the Republican who fathered at least one child with one of his “house Negroes”. And ran for president on a segregation platform. Why the anger toward Clyburn?

  18. I expect Trump will find legalistic ways to argue the issue. He’ll have a roomful of lawyers (at taxpayer expense) filing brief after brief, challenging one state or another, and he’ll talk and talk, decrying how unfair and rigged the American system of electing is, trying to build more doubt among Americans. As he sees it, American democracy has one job, which is to make him President, if if it can’t get that right, it’s time to break it apart and throw it out.

    He’s right about one thing: America USED to be great. That ended about four years ago.

  19. Why should anybody care if somebody burns a bible, a koran, a flag, or the constitution somewhere? I don’t see James’s original remark, by the way.

  20. Gee James, you just said you’re OK with rioters in Portland burning the Bible. I’ll agree that it’s a 1st amendment right. Now let’s see what happens if I burn a copy of the Koran. (I still have a copy. The other I used for testing handloads. I also used “remainder” copies of Hillary’s books. Literally sold by the pound.)
    Still behind that?

    Book burning is a bad thing, Constitutional rights aside. It smacks of the Nazis and Commies and an intolerance and fear of other ideas. I’d rather burn people. Slowly and without the release of asphyxiation by smoke.

  21. Gee James. Opinions are indeed like assholes. Colostomy bags aside, everyone has one (or more).

    You are entitled to think Trump will not leave the WH. Let me express, in a PG-way, what I think about you. You’re a race traitor and sellout by supporting the same party that enslaved and persecuted your “people”.

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