CNN’s John King Criticizes Trump for Attack on NBC’s Peter Alexander

CNN’s John King is expressing disapproval over the heated exchange between President Donald Trump and NBC News’ Peter Alexander.

During Friday’s White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing, Trump slammed Alexander for a question that he had asked. The exchange quickly caught the attention of the media and became one of the highlighted moments in the conference.

In case you missed it:

King offered his opinion on the exchange, insisting Alexander’s question was “fair.” Following the briefing, King discussed the exchange with CNN White House reporter Kaitlan Collins.

“The American people are looking for answers, they do want hope, they do want support, Mr. President. That was a very fair question,” he repeated.

He went on to say that Trump’s remark toward Alexander was a “bulls**t attack.”

“Kaitlan, this is a Trump trademark, it was striking that this came, this, forgive me, bulls**t attack on fake news came just moments after the Secretary of State said the American people needed to be careful about where they get their information, and go to sources they can trust.”

While King admitted that there are times when politicians and reporters will not always agree, he does not believe this is one of those times.

“I get there at times [of] disagreements, there are times contention between politicians and reporters,” King continued. “That was a 100 percent legitimate question with no hype, no shade, no bias, he just wanted to attack.”

Collins also weighed in noting that Alexander asked Vice President Mike Pence the same question and he “responded very differently, instead, telling Americans to be vigilant. He did not have any issues with that question the way that the president did.”

Check out the full exchange below:

King’s comments came shortly after Alexander, himself, was asked about the exchange.

He also defended himself and the question he asked. Like Collins, Alexander also noted that he had asked Pence the same question later in the briefing and received the answer.

He noted that Pence told the American people, “Don’t be afraid, be vigilant.” Alexander also believes the president should have been willing to provide for the American people.

Check out Alexander’s response below:

Over the last two weeks, many Americans have expressed concern about the uncertainties associated with the growing coronavirus outbreak.

In the last two weeks, coronavirus cases in the United States have increased, with more than 19,000 confirmed cases, as of early Saturday. Government officials are still working to slow the curve of the virus.


  1. Phyllis, a blessing upon you and long may you keep your strength against this stupidity. I get so tired of it! Since I can hardly type, I’m simply not willing to express myself for long, so I appreciate your observations and your grasp of recent history.
    And Jeffery, it was not a stupid question. It was a reporter’s question, the kind the ask when there is really nothing else of interest. it was not a challenge, but an easy question that, yes, damned right the president should have answered in the manner you suggested.

  2. Trump is right. Sensationalists and fear mongers never help anything, never resolve anything, never improve anything. They only look at and broadcast the worst they can find and make it out to be worse than it actually is. And some of them make up even worse things to add to their verbal vomit, and chastise the rest of us for not believing them.

  3. “During 2009 H1N1 outbreak, I don’t recall xenophobic anti-America attacks across the globe, do you? In fact, do you recall it took six months for the U.S. to declare a national emergency? Did any government from the onset in April 2009 through the end in April 2010, including the month of June, when H1N1 was declared an international emergency global pandemic, then send out a notice to its citizens that they should leave the United States? Close their borders to American travelers? Nope, not a peep.”
    This came from a source that I fail to locate at the moment. But it is nevertheless true. And Trump was NOT the President then was he? Was that president asked the same question. No one dared did they?

  4. After three plus years of constant BS from the MSM they are lucky he is as civil as he is.

  5. Face it. Even those who voted for Trump were aware of his lack of emotional maturity BEFORE the election. The ones that voted for him anticipated entertainment. Those who did not vote for him, anticipated the childlike behavior we see everyday in press briefings or on Twitter. It is what it is. 73 year old men DON’T voluntarily or suddenly change their behavior. And before someone accuses me of “hating Trump,” hate is not a prerequisite to fairly evaluate the emotional maturity of someone’s behavior. If you are a Trump supporter, YOU SEE IT AS CLEARLY AS I DO. Admitting it is your problem.

    1. Sorry Phylliphilis, don’t need to face anything. It is YOUR problem hoping that he will fail. This man is harassed and harangued daily. This country was finally on a much clearer path to being successful than any liberal thought could happen. Even when he tried to shut down borders he was called racist.
      Negative is synonymous with Democrat.

      1. Dear Lord. You appear to have forgotten that EVERY POTUS gets criticized for things big and small. Republicans criticized Obama for saving of the auto industry, the stimulus for the Great Recession, and increasing DURING the worst recession since the Depression, and of course the tan suit. They called Obamacare socialized medicine and his economic numbers “phony.” Obama’s birth certificate was called “phony.” His yearly vacations with his family were criticized as was his golfing—BY THE SAME GUY who golfs and vacations now MORE OFTEN than Obama!

        George Bush was criticized for unpaid tax cuts and 2 unpaid wars. YES, the country was united after 9/11, but DEEPLY DIVIDED after and during IRAQ.

        Bill Clinton was hounded daily and investigated for every decision and action he took—and the only thing they found was an extra-marital affair that he lied to conceal. LOL…I WAS a Republican during the entire Clinton presidency and read and heard coverage of wild conspiracies of his killing Vince Foster, the Travelgate, Whitewater, Paula Jones, and Juanita Brodderick. ALL were disproved.

        Cherl, if ANY person can not handle criticism, POTUS is NOT the job for them. Something to keep in mind on Nov 4, 2020.

        1. Dear Lord you’re long winded!! Oh this IS the job for President Trump. And I’m not the only one who will remember that on November 4, 2020. By then sadly Biden will be more confused than he is now. Shame on the Democrats for subjecting him to it. He doesn’t like criticism either while your condemning.

          1. Seriously, You are concerned that Biden is confused when you are voting again for the guy that thought there were airports during the Revolutionary War??? The guy that told India’s PM not to worry about China because it isn’t as if his country shared a border with China??? The guy who was openly laughed AT during his U.N. General Assembly??? The guy who thought he deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for giving Kim Jung Un a photo-op???
            Shame on every one of the 62m voters that treated election of 2016 as if it they were voting for Dancing With the Stars! ELECTIONS are suppose to MATTER.

          2. Still nit picking. I am the same age and there are times that I forget things that you consider earth shattering. At least he knows that he’s running for president and not the Senate. Doesn’t mix up his wife with his sister or forget how to get off the stage. Again. Shame on the Democrats for allowing this to happen. Yes elections ARE supposed to matter. But frivolous impeachments are NOT. Just a guess. You’re one of the crazies who hoped that President Trump’s test was positive. Yes you’re that angry. It shows. Now I’m done with your prattle. I need to empty the dishwasher which is more important.

    2. President Trump lacks emotional maturity syphilis, really?????? He is not doing anything for the people of America??????? It is not he that has a lack emotional maturity, it is the whole of the demonrat/communist party who is trying at all costs to reverse the 2016 election and win the 2020 election. You and your communist party are always telling America how much you care for the “people” when in fact, you have done NOTHING for the people and that goes double for the black and minority people. You take everything that the President says and reassemble it to meet the message you want to present to America, not the truth. I cannot find any statement President Trump made that has not been “modified” to represent your vile hate for America, your lies, deceit, racism, propaganda and desire to destroy this nation and bring down President Trump with Her. YOU and ALL of your communist party DO NOT represent America nor the values She represents. The “facts” about President Trump’s statements on March 24th and every other statement he has made to the American people are only part of your misinformation and propaganda to destroy America and instate communism. You and the whole of your party are NOT worthy to live here.

  6. Wow just wow. CNN, home to fake journalists like Acosta and Con Lemon actually believes it has legitimacy?

    TDS has many flavors, including the delusion of mattering.

    1. Yes, Screw, you should be following the info of OAN, FOX, and Trump because UNTIL the evening of March 14th, you thought they were so ACCURATE???? Facts, science, and medical experts totally a waste of your attention –Trump’s gut instincts are all we need to get through the crisis because it is a “Democrat hoax.” Who can forget when his instincts lead Trump to advise the public to go to work even if they were sick. Or his boast of vast knowledge of science? How about when he said the virus cases would go down from 15 to 5 to zero? Miraculously disappear in April?—In March he cancelled the JUNE G 7 in-person summit to be held at Camp David and declared it to be a teleconference. In March he declared a National Emergency–Closed the borders with Canada and Mexico—Supports a stimulus to address the economic ramifications of a “Democrat hoax”—–ALL after Trump’s vast scientific knowledge lead him to tell the American people. “No. no worries at all. Its under control.” DOES IT FEEL AS IF IT IS UNDER CONTROL?

      1. Ah yes, but in December he tried to close borders and what was he called? Oh yes, RACIST!

    2. Think he was counting on a gotcha moment by backing President Trump into a corner. Well he got it. But it backfired.

  7. Let’s be clear, Alexander’s ‘question’ was just another when did you stop beating your wife statement. The vast majority of these people are propagandists, not reporters.

  8. So … the almighty and holy press, are not to be scrutinized, or questioned?
    What a freakin’ joke, these a$$holes are.

  9. Of course the press is standing up for one of their own “fake reporters”. Plenty of evidence and documentation that his questions were only meant to distort, distract and undermine what the President was trying to do. I have watched all of the White House reports and for the most part the questions that are being asked have little if any credibility as to attempts at getting at the facts or an understanding of how difficult and complicated things are. Example the question asked today (Saturday) by a reporter as to why ventilators and masks are not rolling out of the factories right now… no way can you engineer, set up and start production of a mass produced item in less that a few weeks, let alone a few days. American’s can do many things better than any others, but it takes more than just making a demand or throwing out an edict to make it happen. Let’s get real people!!!

  10. So King Kong and Putrid Peter got their noses out of joint—ha ha—too bad—liberal, Trump hating pathetic jerks!

    1. HOW is asking the POTUS (ANY POTUS) to speak to the anxiety of the American people indication of HATE for Trump?? I get it that you knew Trump’s emotional age when you voted for him but HOW did you imagine it playing out? Trump would rise to the occasion? –Or it would make a great TV reality show of episodes even classier than the Housewives of Wherever?

  11. Trump hurt his whittle feelings. Really! Great question! “What do you tell people who are scared?!” How about stay inside and wash your hands like we told you! That question is just stupid journalism. Maybe POTUS should’ve answered it:
    Billy, the Indian, in PREDATOR: “We’re all gonna die!”
    Yoda, in STAR WARS: “Be afraid; be very afraid!” 🤣🤗

    1. It does not give the American people confidence in the competence of a POTUS that can not offer reassurance during a health crisis. Jeffrey, Mike Pence did not have difficulty with the question.

  12. Well perhaps the press should be comforting people with honest reporting. The President has been providing honest info and support for Americans in every statement.

    Perhaps wording the question in a positive manner would help for a change

    1. Well, CS, your name says it all. When you are inspecting Trump’s behind, are his pants up or down?

      1. Why is it that your comments are so juvenile? You offer nothing of any importance. Are you sure that you’re old enough to be on this site?

    2. Honest info in every statement??? Until the afternoon of March 14th this was a “Democrat hoax” reaction. He and Xi had the virus under control… “15 cases will be down to 5 cases and then zero” The testing levels were sufficient. The intel community alerted Congress and the WH of the pandemic threat in JANUARY! WHAT is your definition of “honest info”???

      1. And President Trump wanted to shut down borders in January. And what was he called? Come on Phyl you remember. RACIST!!

        1. Your timelines are always incorrect—I remember you claimed Trump released the Ukraine funds BEFORE the call. Not so.
          Trump was repeatedly claiming in JANUARY that he and Xi had the virus “under control.” “No. no worries.” Italy shut their border to Chinese travel January 31—-It was a complete ban of travelers and cargo. FOUR DAYS LATER (Feb 4th) Trump issued a partial ban. AS YOU CAN SEE, the bans did not stop the spread of the virus in EITHER COUNTRY.
          I do perceive Trump is racist, but the Chinese travel ban was not a racist action. It actually was an action that he did not want to take because of the Chinese trade negotiations.

          1. Do NOT put words in my mouth. You remember something that is old news? Got proof? In your feeble hateful mind it promotes your cause to denigrate anyone who does not agree with you.

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