CNN's Van Jones: 'Day-to-Day Reality for Black Folks' Has 'Gotten Worse' Under Biden


Things have not gotten better for Black Americans under President Joe Biden, CNN’s Van Jones says.

“I think that there’s a disappointment factor that’s set in. I think a lot of Black voters feel like the Black community gave the most during the election, the historic election in 2020, and have gotten the least,” Jones said on CNN’s “New Day” Friday.

Jones continued to say that Black Americans have “so far” seen “nothing” in regards to progress on voting rights, police reform, and student loan assistance.

“The day-to-day reality for Black folks hasn’t improved,” Jones said. “In fact, because of inflation and other things, it’s gotten worse and so you’re starting to see that disappointment factor set in.”

Asked if he believes that will change the voting pattern, Jones said, “It may well.”

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Check out his remarks below:

Jones also noted that there has been a “concerted effort on the part of conservatives to recast the Republican Party as a party of the multiracial working class.”

Biden’s poll numbers have been on a downward trend.

Has it "gotten worse" under Biden?

Democrats have “overpromised, undelivered so far,” Jones put it.

“When you overpromise so much in the beginning of the year and underdeliver at the end of the year…you suddenly end up with a disappointment factor plus inflation,” he said.

Biden’s job approval has declined among Black adults, according to a Gallup poll released on April 14.

The poll shows the president’s approval is at 67% among Black adults, compared to 87% in the early part of his term.

In comparison, former President Barack Obama’s approval among Black adults did not dip below 75%, per Gallup.

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