Sen. Susan Collins Declares Victory After Fending off Strong Democratic Challenger

The path for Democrats to regain control of the U.S. Senate appears to be narrowing.

On the eve of the 2020 election, Democrats were hopeful they would flip at least three or four seats and regain control of the upper chamber. By Wednesday morning, Republican incumbents had been defeated in Colorado and Arizona.

However, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents, announced on Wednesday that Democrat Sara Gideon had called her to concede the race.

“I have news to report to you,” she told supporters, adding, “I just received a very gracious call from Sara Gideon conceding the race.”

She continued, “I want to publicly thank Sara for her call. We had a good talk, and I very much appreciate her taking the time to call.”

By 2:30 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Collins was leading Gideon 50.1% to 43.2%.

Watch the video below:

Prior to the election, the non-partisan Cook Political Report rated Collins’ seat as a “toss-up race.”

The Cook Political Report also rated other seats held by Republicans as toss-ups, including Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

But, as the results came in, Democrats saw their options for regaining control of the Senate diminish as races in Montana, Iowa, and Maine have been called for the Republicans. Additionally, Sen. Doug Jones (R-Ala.) lost his Senate seat to Republican Tommy Tuberville. 

Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) is leading in his re-election bid and appears to have avoided a run-off election. Meanwhile, there is a run-off election set for Georgia’s other Senate race. 

And Republican candidates are leading in Michigan — which is currently held by Democratic Sen. Gary Peters — and North Carolina. 


  1. I have no idea what you are trying to infer.

    Justice Democrats support a group of policies that the majority of Americans want or need. What is wrong with fighting FOR them? That is being inclusive, not being exclusive. It is the rest of party that is being exclusive and doing the least possible to support people. They are the ones that will look for or back candidates to run against progressive candidates who already lead against American Fascists (Charles Booker:Kentucky) or, against their own rules, against current progressive Congress members. How did that turn out in Kentuky? The DCCC do that all of the time and a lot of the time THEY LOSE.

    The party needs candicates who bring out the voters, but running conservative lite or so-called “moderates” isn’t working.

    In what way is it going to help the party by trying to elect a MORE conservative House Speaker than the scared, conservative and weak one that we have now? When the old Republican Party moved far to the right, the Democratic Party moved lock-step with them making it very difficult to tell the two parties apart, now, but the big corporate donors LOVE this. Voters obviously DON’T, so the don’t vote!

    In the meantime, they left the American people behind so much that the American Fascist Party is now the populist party gaining in more black, Latino and even union votes! Why does the Democratic Party even exist today, except to keep their corruption going? They threw away their only chance to run a populist against the opposing populist and it sure looks as if Joke Biden is going to be extremely lucky to even eek out a win against Dear Leader. That was a dumb move from which it will take years to recover. They just don’t learn.

    You are wrong about the Justice Democrats of which I think there are now only ten. Will they be able to get any of their necessary policies enacted with a weak, conservative president and party “leadership”, and a Senate controlled by the opposition and a 6-3 SC? How?

  2. General, are you thinking that a member of the Squad would be helpful in the Speaker position? Keep in mind that Connor Lamb had campaign ad after campaign ad run against him citing AOC and the Squad. No, Connor Lamb is NOT going to vote with the Squad, but neither will Sean Parnell his challenger. SO, WHAT is it that you perceive the JD agenda is winning? I realize that it is difficult to imagine a deeper divide in America. But you appear to support it.

  3. A WHOLE BUNCH of moderate Democrates spent WELL over $300 million and got CRUSHED! So there is now a movement to replace Madam Speaker with somebody who is to the RIGHT of Nancy Pelosi – Hakim Jeffries. What brilliance!

    SMH, Democrats learn NOTHING from their mistakes. These geniuses have NO INTEREST in winning.

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