Comey Says It Is ‘Better’ for the US To ‘Move Past’ Trump’s Presidency

Former FBI Director James Comey wants the U.S. to “move past” President Donald Trump.

Comey appeared on the “Today” show Tuesday where it was mentioned that the District of Columbia’s attorney general shared on Monday that he is looking into whether Trump can be charged for incitement of the U.S. Capitol riot.

The former FBI director, who was fired in 2017, was then asked about previously stating that Trump should not be prosecuted and if his opinion has changed since.

“The president needs to be sanctioned for his behavior and held accountable,” Comey said. “I think it is important that he be impeached.”

Comey said that Trump being on TV for the next three or four years does not “help” President-elect Joe Biden “heal” the U.S.

He continued, “I still think it would be better for this country if we move past a fallen and corrupt president, and turned off the television lights on him, which in some ways, would be the greatest punishment he could imagine.”

Watch Comey’s interview below:

Comey wrote in a book, released on Tuesday, that the U.S. attorney general under Biden’s administration should not “pursue a criminal investigation of Donald Trump.”

He said that the Department of Justice should not investigate Trump “no matter how compelling the roadmap left” by special counsel Robert Mueller or “how powerful the evidence strewn across his history of porn stars and financial fraud.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told his Republican colleagues that Trump acknowledged he bears “some responsibility for what happened” last Wednesday when protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol, during a phone call Monday morning, according to reports.

House Democrats are urging Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump. Congressional Democrats also unveiled an article of impeachment against Trump on Monday, charging him with “incitement of insurrection.”


  1. Who needed Russia. We got coney instead and he seems to have done a better job than Russia

  2. Here it is again…..HYPOCRISY……….keep the division rolling Comey! I predict 74M people will eventually stand up to this CRAP!

    1. “I predict 74M people will eventually stand up to this CRAP!” Brad

      I am confused, Brad.

      THEN WHAT? To what end? To overthrow a legitimate, legal and fair election? Why? Do YOU not agree with our democracy and system of government or elections? Why is that, Brad?

  3. Yeah Comey, because any light turned on our President means a light turned on YOU, and we all know what a low-down crook you are….and apparently not too smart either since you continue to seek out the spotlight. You are the perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black. Do us all a favor and crawl back under your rock.

  4. That would be a great plan Comey, IF the thousands of white supremacists and the nutjob QAnon followers would dissolve in the background but they will be creating turmoil for years to come.

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