Watch: A Confused Biden Appears to Need Directions After Finishing Remarks in Israel


If there was one word that could be used to describe President Joe Biden’s trip to Israel, it would probably be “confusion.”

His time in Israel, the first stop in a trip meant to reassure Middle East leaders, has featured some Biden gaffes and uncomfortable moments.

And on Friday, the president once again appeared confused.

As he wrapped up his comments, Biden said, “Thank you. Thank you, folks. [I] appreciate it very, very much. Thank you.”

As he started to leave the stage, he turned and motioned with his hands as though to indicate that he was unsure of where he was supposed to go.

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He then appeared to mouth something and pointed to his left, seeming to ask if that was the direction he was supposed to walk.

Watch the video below:

Unfortunately, this was not the first time in Israel that the president appeared lost.

Do you think Biden is too old?

At a separate event earlier this week, Biden was essentially led to his seat:

And when he first arrived, Israel rolled out the red carpet.

A video caught Biden asking, “What am I doing now?” And two people then directed him to where to stand.

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Shortly after that, he butchered the name of Israel’s Holocaust memorial and mistakenly said he would keep the “truth and honor” of the genocide alive — though he did correct himself to say that he would keep the “horror of the Holocaust” alive.

The presidency is a notoriously taxing job that dramatically ages even youthful presidents. And virtually every chief executive has had their share of very publicly embarrassing moments.

And no fair-minded person could say with everything going on in the world — Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, mass shootings, Democratic infighting, inflation, and much more that the average American probably doesn’t even know about — that this is an easy time to be president.

Other presidents have also had trying times and seem to have been better at managing the stress while operating smoothly in public without very, explicit directions on cue cards.

The fact that Biden continually struggles to speak and often seems confused does fairly open the door for people to ask: What age is too old to be the President of the United States?

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