Horrific: In Israel, Biden Mistakenly Says He Will 'Keep Alive the Truth and Honor of the Holocaust'


President Joe Biden accidentally declared that there is “honor” in the Holocaust during a visit to Israel.

On Wednesday, his ongoing war with reading prepared remarks waged on during his trip to the Middle East.

Biden shared his plans to visit Israel’s Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem as he read, “I will once more return to the hallowed ground of Yad Shivabashem to honor 6 million Jewish lives [that] were stolen in a genocide.”

After struggling over the memorial’s name as though he were trying to pronounce a name from the Old Testament, like a good soldier, he pressed on only to, unfortunately, mix up the words ”honor” and ”horror.”

Biden read, ”To keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust — horror of the Holocaust — honor those we lost.”

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Do you think this was a bad mistake?

This is not a good week for the Bidens.

First Lady Jill Biden butchered the word ”bodega” and then compared the Hispanic community to breakfast tacos. Now this.

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To be fair, ”honor” and ”horror” both start and end with the same letters and if it’s sunny and you’re reading from paper, it could be somewhat easy to mess up.

But does Biden not know anything about the speech he’s going to deliver before he does? Is he that focused on making it through that he can’t think about the words coming out of his mouth or what the following words in the speech are? Or does he just have no clue what is coming out of his mouth?

The average person might think to themself before the word leaves their lips, ”Wait, ‘honor of the Holocaust’? No, that can’t be the right word” — especially in Israel.

However, it seems Biden either has absolutely no clue what his speech is going to say and no clue what is coming next and is just reading his remarks word by word and therefore can’t think about what he is actually saying, or he is just having that hard of a time reading them.

This is exactly the kind of misstep that Biden needs to avoid right now, as mainstream outlets are running stories highlighting concerns about his age.

But unfortunately for the president, he seems to be stuck in a political death spiral where he can only do things that make him look old and frail, like fall off his bike or deliver bizarre, incoherent sentences.

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