Confused Biden Gets Lost at Event, Needs to Be Escorted by Young Girl


Sure, President Joe Biden may have been the headliner at a Toys for Tots event, but it ended up being a tot who did the heavy lifting.

According to Fox News, Biden had to be led off stage by a young girl at the Monday event, hosted by the United States Marine Corps Reserve in Arlington, Virginia.

After finishing his brief, five-minute remarks at the event, Biden stepped from the podium and looked to make an exit.

Only issue: He seemed to have trouble finding exactly where that exit was.

“Which way do we go?” the president asked. A young girl, Samara Donahue, holding the president’s hand, pointed the way offstage:

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Now, let’s all remember that this is the man who not only helms the good ship America until Jan. 20, 2025, he’s made every indication he wants to run to extend his tenure as captain until 2029.

Yet, the man who’s supposed to be the leader of the free world has to be shown off the stage by a child. You know how people say it’s so easy a 7-year-old could do it? That’s literally what this is: knowing where you are and how you have to leave.

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And if this happened once, fine. If you haven’t been paying attention, however, this is an ongoing thing.

To be fair, it’s usually not children leading Biden off stage.

Jill Biden often does the honors whenever Joe seems lost in the time-space continuum:

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That’s the good doctor giving stage directions to her husband on events for both Christmas and Easter!

If we can get her to wrangle Joe on Good Friday next year, I think we’ve got a full trifecta. Then we can start working on Jill embarrassing our president on the Jewish and Islamic holy days.

Of course, Jill can’t be everywhere on Christian holidays. That’s why we have the Easter Bunny:

FEMA Director Deanne Criswell was somewhat less successful at the task:

And sometimes, the White House makes the mistake of not delegating the task to anyone at all:

One imagines Jill Biden, Deanne Criswell and the Easter Bunny angrily pointing fingers in the next room, insisting it wasn’t them who had the job of shepherding our shuffling, senescent meat puppet president that day.

It’s all very comical until, again, we realize the implications of this. All the president had to do was stand on stage, deliver short remarks — there are pop songs that last longer than what he said on Monday — and get out of the venue without causing another viral blunder.

He couldn’t manage that — and, what’s more, he needed a kid to rescue him.

Biden is fond of saying that, now that he’s president, America is back at the table. If it is, however, it’s leaning back in its chair, snoozing away. Don’t think the rest of the world isn’t noticing.

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