Cuomo to Trump: ‘Don’t Be a Co-Conspirator of COVID’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is slamming President Donald Trump and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

During his press briefing on Monday, the Democratic governor expressed concern about Trump’s repeated attempts to evade discussions about the coronavirus.

Although cases have surged in several states which contradicts the president’s dismissal of the virus and its impacts, Cuomo is urging the president to do “one simple thing.”

“Mr. President, don’t be a co-conspirator of COVID,” Cuomo advised.

“Do one simple thing: acknowledge to the American people that COVID exists. It is a major problem. It’s going to continue until we admit it and each of us stands up to do our part. If he does not acknowledge that, then he is facilitating the virus. He is enabling the virus.”

Cuomo went on to criticize the president’s leadership outlining his approach to handling the virus.

Despite global health experts, state and local officials raising concerns about the accelerated spread of the coronavirus, Trump has continued to dismiss the virus.

See Cuomo’s remarks at the 01:03:00 mark:

In fact, during his Fourth of July speech in Washington, D.C., he even falsely claimed 99% of positive coronavirus cases are harmless. Cuomo recalled multiple occasions where Trump disregarded facts as he noted the growing coronavirus-related problems in several states.

“He makes up facts. He makes up science. He wants to deny the COVID virus. He has from day one. ‘Well, it’s just like the flu. Well, it’s going to be gone by Easter. It’s gonna get warm and then it’s going to disappear like a miracle,'” Cuomo said echoing Trump’s previous claims. “He said all those things. None of them were true, and now we have a problem in 38 states because some people believed him.”

Cuomo also noted Trump’s ongoing disregard for masks as he insisted the president refuses to wear a mask because, as the governor says, it may serve as an acknowledgment of the virus.

He said, “All the health officials say wear the mask. He won’t wear a mask because he doesn’t want to admit that there is a COVID virus.”

Cuomo’s latest remarks follow multiple comments from Trump. During his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he suggested that there would be fewer cases if testing was slowed down, as previously reported on IJR.

However, a report by Jennifer Nuzz, an epidemiologist with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Health Security, suggested that the increase in numbers is not due to the increase in testing, but rather she points to the positivity rates.

The World Health Organization also previously said that the recent record numbers in coronavirus cases are not a “testing phenomenon.”

As of Monday afternoon, there are more than 3 million confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States. The U.S. death toll is also at 132,722 and recoveries are at 1,302,125.


  1. Me: “The increase in cases is due to increased testing, nothing more.”

    The Asshat General: “That’s not the way it work’s “

    The Asshat General obviously knows nothing about testing or statistics and is confused himself.

  2. General Asshat: You’re the one confused. The Johns Hopkins death data is only counting deaths among confirmed COVID patients who are HOSPITALIZED. The vast majority of COVID patients are asymptomatic or have not been deemed sick enough to be hospitalized.

    You really should attempt to understand WTF you are talking about before challenging me over data. But asshats like you will always be asshats, cherry picking only the facts that suit your distorted view of the world.

  3. “That’s less than 3 deaths per thousand which is about on par for the common flu.” HWB

    I will take John Hopkins University’s figures over yours. They have a more realistic 4.6% as our morbidity rate.

    COVID-19 is NOT the common flu. This one is nothing to mess around with, so I recommend that y’all take it VERY seriously and protect yourselves to the best of your ability. Do not take your lead from a disinterested, ignorant and dangerous Dear Leader.

  4. “The increase in cases is due to increased testing, nothing more.” HWB

    Hugh is confused.

    That’s not the way it works.

  5. How in the hell are you going to “See Cuomo’s remarks at the 01:03:00 mark” when the video is only 50:57 long??? WTFU!

  6. Meanwhile, Cuomo sticks all the COVID patients into long term care facilities and kills off most of the elderly people there! Cuomo showboated how he needed additional facilities and Trump expedited a Navy care ship docked in the Hudson. Patients there: 6 out of 1000 beds.

    The last people that Trump should listen to are the “experts“ like Fauci, scarf lady, and Cuomo, the mass murderer of the elderly!!

    As far as Trump’s statistics, the CDC has put the death toll of Coronavirus at 0.26% at present testing rates. That’s less than 3 deaths per thousand which is about on par for the common flu. It’s certainly more than 99% survival rate that Trump quoted for those who think math is hard because they’re ignorant.

    As testing increases, that 0.26% will decrease. The death rate for this virus is the constant (as yet unknown, but less than estimates due to testing rates increasing) that hasn’t changed. The increase in cases is due to increased testing, nothing more. Any other “opinions” are ignoring science in favor of politics.

  7. The leftist parasite Cuomo blames Trump instead of hie fellow communist the Red Chinese for the pandemic. Look what his party has done to that state. The Empire State. What a pitiful joke.

  8. Jean: “He needs to take responsibility for the harm HE has done.”

    He will counter with NY followed federal guidelines, at that time.

  9. It’s Cuomo who should get “slammed” for his handling of the pandemic. He was on TV every day, for heaven’s sake, pushing his righteous blather. He obviously never listened to any of the scientists at the time and certainly doesn’t want to take any of the blame now. What a Chump. He, and his brother, Fredo are clowns. I’m betting that Covid-19 will disappear shortly after the elections. It appears only the Democrats want to continue the charade. Most deaths occurred in nursing homes after patients were sent back to infect their neighbors. More people are being tested and, therefore, there will be more cases, but the death rate is not nearly what it was when the great Governor Cuomo opened his mouth and sent folks back to nursing homes. He needs to take responsibility for the harm HE has done.

  10. I Ching, below, like a lot of partisan assholes, focuses on Cuomo as if NY was the ONLY state to send patients ejected from hospitals back into their long-term care homes. He fails to point out that quite a few states, such as Florida, New Jersey, Michigan and others, also ordered clearing out ICU units to prepare for an expected in-rush of new patients needing extreme care. The calculation was that more lives could be saved by doing this. Others disagreed.

    Unfortunately, these were early times and testing was not readily available (in no small part because of Dear Leader’s complete incompetence), homes were short-staffed, over-worked, procedures were not being followed properly in SOME of these homes. For example, since so little testing was available, staff, who might work in more than one home, could not be tested even if they were ordered to be tested. Staff were even ordered by their employers to break quarantine and get back to work because there were not enough staff available. Nobody knows who is asymptomatic without testing (try telling THAT to Dear Leader). In NY’s case, their order lasted from the end of March to the beginning of May – about 6 weeks. California stopped the practice a bit quicker.

    So while I Ching and disingenuous others like him like to wag their fingers at Cuomo because they think that he is an easy, visible (D) target because he was in the news cycle so much, he was not the only Govie doing this. Some (R) states were as bad or worse.

    Remember, these governors did learn from their mistakes, but Dear Leader is STILL trying to knock us all off. Death toll at least 133,000 and still rising. New York is now one of the safer states and the red states are currently rapidly catching up to how bad the worst blue states ever were. That is on them for not following proper guidelines.

    Keep that in mind when I Ching posts his accusatory nonsense.

  11. “We went through hell. We cannot afford to go through hell again. We need a national strategy, I think, right now, and masking has got to be at the core of that.” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy

    We don’t HAVE to wait to do this. We can voluntarily do this ahead of being ordered to do it. You know, as if our lives depended on masking up or something.

  12. “Co-conspirator”? Says the man who is directly responsible for placing infected persons in nursing homes with the most vulnerable population AND he knew that.

    Your attempts to allay your own culpability are blatant and transparent Andy. Maybe you can get Fredo to help cover for your guilt.

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