De Blasio Calls for Military Action In New York In Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

State officials continue to call for action to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, one is now calling for military action.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” with Chuck Todd to discuss the resources the city needs to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

De Blasio began the exchange explaining that things are going to get a lot worse between now and May. He proceeded to point out that President Donald Trump is from New York City and claims he will not do anything to help the city.

The conversation transitioned to de Blasio claiming that he has called for the mobilization of the military and for the Defense Production Act to be put into action.

Todd asked de Blasio what he would like the military to do immediately.

“All military personnel who are medically trained should be sent to places where this crisis is deep, like New York, right now,” de Blasio said, adding, “The military is the best logistical organization in the nation. If there are ventilators being produced anywhere in the country, we need to get them to New York. Not weeks from now or months from now, in the next 10 days.”

Watch his comments below:

De Blasio called on Trump to give the order for the military to move in.

“Why are they at their bases? Why are they not being allowed to serve?“ de Blasio said, adding, “I guarantee you, they’re ready to serve. But the president has to give the order.”

Trump recently announced that he put the Defense Production Act into action, as IJR previously reported.

The law is designed to accelerate the production of the necessary equipment including masks, respirators, ventilators.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has been working to stop the spread of the coronavirus across the state as he has directed all non-essential workers to stay home, as IJR previously reported.

He also fired back at people in New York City who are not taking social distancing as seriously as they should be.


  1. Sure Bill. Have them come in and kill the infected and at risk just like NK. Think of the money you can make for your programs, except that you’ve shut down businesses and their tax revenes.


  2. DiBlahBlahBlah is only slightly less stupid and hapless than those who elected him.

    He still answers to the Governor, Don Andy. Don Andy has this force called the NY National Guard.

    He also fails (what a surprise) to acknowledge that the president has already invoked acts to prioritze production of medical supplies.

    What EXACTLY does he expect those militarily trained (i.e. kill the enemy with extreme force) to do? They are not the police and are not educated in fine legal distinctions of legal use of force? They kill/destroy things which is what the military is designed to do in the name of their mission. q.v. Kent State, the LA riots.

    What’s he saying is that he’s failed as a leader or civil authority. That’s a failure in leadership and also confirms why his aspirations for higher office flubbed. He’s a posturing, socialist idiot. People really do get the government they deserve.

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