De Blasio: Trump 'Seems to Enjoy Stabbing His Hometown in the Back'


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) began his briefing by taking aim at President Donald Trump over his comments on bailing out Democratic states amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump told the New York Post he does not believe it is fair to Republicans for the federal government to bail out Democratic states.

“It’s not fair to the Republicans because all the states that need help — they’re run by Democrats in every case. Florida is doing phenomenal, Texas is doing phenomenal, the Midwest is, you know, fantastic — very little debt,” Trump said.

He added, “You look at Illinois, you look at New York, look at California, you know, those three, there’s tremendous debt there, and many others.”

De Blasio railed against Trump for his comments.

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“The president of the United States, a former New Yorker who seems to enjoy stabbing his hometown in the back, talking about ‘no bailout’ for New York,” de Blasio said.

Watch his comments below:

De Blasio recently slammed Trump for failing to provide enough federal assistance to New York City, as IJR previously reported.

He asked Trump, “Are you going to save New York City or are you telling New York City to drop dead?”

De Blasio went on to criticize Trump, as he said the president is failing to provide for the citizens of New York City.

“What kind of human being sees the suffering here and decides that people in New York City don’t deserve help? What kind of person does that?” de Blasio said.

The mayor compared Trump to former President Herbert Hoover who, as de Blasio described, “ignored” the Great Depression.

De Blasio also claimed Trump has not provided adequate testing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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He closed his remarks as he explained Trump should be bringing the country together.

“In a crisis, a leader is supposed to bring us together. The president is doing is playing politics while people are suffering,” de Blasio said.

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