Dean Cain Comes to Tim Allen's Aid After Comedian Angers With 'Woke' Comment


Actor Dean Cain stood up for Tim Allen and other actors who disagree with “woke” culture after Allen was castigated for his recent comment.

Cain appeared on Tuesday’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” saying that “That message is shut your mouth, stay in line, or you’ll be canceled.”

“I would hate to be a comedian these days because everyone is looking to be offended by everything,” Cain said. “It’s complete victim culture… Comedy is supposed to make fun of those in power. That’s the whole idea.”

Cain’s comments followed pushback against Allen after he tweeted, “Who is the face of woke. Do wokees have a club house in someone’s backyard or maybe a cute yet safe playpen somewhere?”

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IJR reported that the pushback included comments like, “American Nazis DO have a face. Pucker up coke head,” and the assertion that “‘Wokeness’ is a political boogey man created by #MAGARepublicans to fool a cult of racist rubes into thinking wokeness IS a problem but Fascism is not.”

The actor added at another time that “the weird, ironic thing to me is that those who are screaming about inclusivity and acceptance, they want dissenting voices silenced. They do not want free speech, and that’s the definition of fascism.”

In the responses to Allen’s original post, several references were made to Allen’s past. As The Daily Mail reported, the actor was arrested for selling cocaine to an undercover officer at the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport in 1978, and faced a life sentence but served 28 months due to his cooperation with investigators.

Cain did not hide his admiration of Allen, however, saying “Tim Allen is incredibly funny, he’s incredibly accomplished, he’s uncancellable and that makes people on Twitter and elsewhere go bananas. He’s achieved huge fame and can say what he wants to.”

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