After Being Declared Dead Then Resuscitated, People Are Revealing What They Saw


“As my family was saying goodbye to me, I remember seeing three shadow people at the foot of the hospital bed,” Reddit user, “MagicMan0181” claims they saw while lying in a hospital bed, dying.

The user continued, writing, “Thinking it was family, I asked ‘Who are they?’ My mother told me they were angels, but I perceived them as my dead relatives there to bring me to the other side. The nurses then put me under anesthesia so the doctors could hopefully get my brain to stop bleeding. They were successful and I’m still here!”

Many Reddit users, who “were pronounced dead and resuscitated,” took to the platform to share their experiences of what they went “through mentally while being pronounced dead,” as Reddit user u/Aidanmartin3 asked the platform.

Reddit user “shainajoy” describes their experience as “some weird limbo in between Heaven.”

Reddit user “drumbubba” wrote they felt a “great peace” and says that it is a feeling that changed the course of their whole life.

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“Ringdingaro” claims that when they died from an overdose, they were resuscitated, but that death for them was “nothingness.”

“GozerDGozerian” said they didn’t “remember anything from the whole day,” adding, “Only thing I remember is waking in the hospital two days later to a surprised nurse. Turns out they thought I was going to be in a coma.”

“MR_System_” claims that their friend was pronounced dead, six times, and was able to come back and share two of the experiences that they remember. The first experience was, “Just pure blackness in an empty space.” The second experience was their “grandfather telling them to go back”.

Dying and coming back to life is what medical professionals have referred to as, “Lazarus Syndrome.” It “refers to your blood circulation returning spontaneously after your heart stops beating, and fails to restart despite cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR),” Healthline writes.

Many people have doubts about whether there is life after death. However, we can have assurance through God’s word, that there is. According to Philippians 3:20, “Our citizenship is in Heaven,” if we are Christians.

Jesus Christ tells us in John 5:24, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears My word and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.” It is only through faith in Him, as our Lord and Savior, that leads us to everlasting life.

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