John Delaney Ends 2020 Presidential Bid, Calls for an End to ‘Unrealistic and Divisive Campaign Promises’

Democratic presidential contender John Delaney announced that he was dropping out of the 2020 presidential race ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

Delaney’s campaign said internal data indicated that he would not be considered viable in the Iowa causes, and said that he did not want to make it more difficult for moderate candidates “on the bubble of viability” to win delegates in the caucuses.

Delaney, a former Maryland congressman who cast himself as a moderate candidate, called for an end of “unrealistic and divisive” campaign promises in a series of tweets announcing his decision to drop out of the race.

Delaney was polling at less than 1% nationally and failed to qualify for the last several Democratic debates. A review of the amount of news coverage of the race found Delaney had the least amount of coverage of the candidates still running.


  1. Another D’RAT leaves the clown car. Not to worry: The divisiveness, racism and anti-Semitism will continue as long as there is a D’RAT taking in oxygen.

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