Dem Senator Defends Impeachment Trial of Trump: ‘This Is Our Constitutional Responsibility’

With the Senate’s impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump scheduled to begin in early February, some Congressional Republicans are calling the move unconstitutional and urging leaders to drop it.

But their Democratic colleagues say they have a responsibility to hold the former president responsible for what they argue is his role in inciting a mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6. 

“I think it’s absolutely essential that anyone responsible for the insurrection are held accountable. Whether it’s the individuals who entered the Capitol and put us in harm’s way, or whether it was those who incited the group,” Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) told CNN on Sunday.

He continued, “So whether it’s the president of the United States, or whether it was the people who planned this January 6 riot, or whether it’s the individuals who went into the Capitol, they need to be held accountable, and the president’s not above the law.”

“This is our Constitutional responsibility. We’ve heard over and over again the only way you can hold a president accountable for his actions while he is president is through the impeachment process. The House of Representatives has acted and sent to the Senate articles of impeachment. Our responsibility is to hold a fair trial and to make judgment. We have that responsibility under the Constitution, and we need to carry that out.”

Watch the video below:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told Fox News on Sunday that the impeachment trial is “stupid” and voiced concerns that it would further political divides in the country.

“It’s just going to continue to fuel these divisions that have paralyzed the country and have turned us into a country of people that hate each other,” he said.

The Senate is scheduled to begin its trial of Trump the week of February 8. 


  1. No, I don’t think so. I think you are afraid that you pi$$ off the wrong group of people and you want to make sure he can not come back in 2024 and clean your clocks again. Which he can and if you keep going your party will almost certainly lose the next election. when the GOP retakes both houses in 2022. You won’t stand a chance in 2024. If it’s not Trump it will be someone just like him and they will have the support of the nation. The lies that the dems have been pushing for years and the treachery that they have done will come back to haunt them in more ways than one. I see that they are already filing charges against uncle joe for impeachment and they can make a strong case for it too. Unlike Trump, uncle joe has some serious skeletons in his closet. He wont survive the impeachment nor will harris.

    1. You are full of it, Arthur.

      “you want to make sure he can not come back in 2024 and clean your clocks again” Arthur

      Ain’t gonna happen, Arthur. You can SAY that he can or will mount a comeback, but there is no reason to believe that he actually can or will. There is way more going against anything like that happening than for it.

      Any resurrection of Dear Leader is a pipedream. Won’t happen, buddy. And as for somebody else rising from the ash heap that Dear Leader made of the American Fascist Party, well, good luck with that, too. Who is going to have the charisma that can attract enough voters to do BETTER THAN coming in second place? Who? There are some bloody dangerous ones out there, such as Pompous Pompeo or maybe Cucker Tarlson, but I have never heard him say that he wants to run. Then there are the insurrectionists, such as Ted Cruz, who most surely will run, if they aren’t already in jail. Who else did you have in mind that will be able to attract enough voters, Arthur? Who?

      If you truly THINK that ANYONE can be successful at making the party less toxic than it is right now, then let’s see your evidence, including numbers and names who can back your idea, otherwise you are out lunch, buddy.

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