'Jan. 6 Committee Tried to Jussie Smollett the Country': Dems Ruthlessly Mocked for Supposed 'Key Witness'


A bombshell witness for the Jan. 6 committee is being mocked as a dud.

On Tuesday, Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows delivered testimony that has since been contradicted in at least two cases.

Eric Herschmann, a former Trump White House lawyer, has contradicted her claim of having taken dictation from Meadows and said a note she insisted under oath she wrote was in fact written by him.

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Former Trump Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Tony Ornato has poured a generous dose of cold water on her claim that former President Donald Trump wanted to take control of his presidential SUV, according to reports that say he wants to testify that no such thing took place, according to The Guardian.

Carol Leonnig of The Washington Post, who wrote about the Secret Service, said, “Sources tell me agents dispute that Donald Trump assaulted any agent or tried to grab the steering wheel on Jan. 6. They agree Trump was furious about not being able to go to Capitol with his supporters. They offer to testify under oath,” according to The Guardian.

“The Jan. 6 committee’s ‘smoking gun’ is literally female Jussie Smollett,” commentator Caleb Hull noted.

Many on Twitter proceeded to riff on that theme.

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Attorney Jody Hunt, who is representing Hutchinson, said that the testimony was essentially hearsay.

“Ms. Hutchinson testified, under oath, and recounted what she was told. Those with knowledge of the episode also should testify under oath,” Hunt tweeted.

In her response to Hutchinson’s testimony, former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway noted that it is a major step for Secret Service agents to say they will go public.

Will this political stunt pay dividends?

Conway said on Fox News that Trump’s enemies “really make folk heroes out of anyone who’s willing to become go from working for Donald Trump, wanting to continue to work for Donald Trump to becoming part of the resistance.”

“Look, she was under oath today, but I think it’s pretty remarkable that you have Secret Service agents and in this case, the deputy chief of staff for the White House also willing to go under oath just to dispute the firsthand account they were in the vehicle. They can tell us what happened and what didn’t happen.

“It’s pretty remarkable that they would do that. I mean, often law enforcement doesn’t really want to get involved, doesn’t like to testify and get involved in anything seen political. But they were watching what you were watching,” she concluded.

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