DeSantis Dismisses Fauci’s Suggestion Florida ‘Jumped Over a Couple of Checkpoints’ With Reopening

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is pushing back against Dr. Anthony Fauci insisting claims that his state disregarded checkpoints for reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, DeSantis discussed Fauci’s remarks about the state’s reopening. Despite the state becoming the country’s epicenter for coronavirus, the Republican governor insists there was no reason not to move forward with the state’s reopening, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

“I think there was really no justification to not move forward,” DeSantis said.

During an appearance on FiveThirtyEight’s “PODCAST-19,” Fauci noted how failure to adhere to reopening guidelines and recommendations likely contributed to the surge in coronavirus cases.

Singling out Florida specifically, Fauci admitted that he believes some states “jumped over a couple of checkpoints.” 

“Despite the guidelines and the recommendations to open up carefully and prudently, some states skipped over those and just opened up too quickly,” Fauci said. “Certainly Florida … I think jumped over a couple of checkpoints.” 

Al Drago/Reuters

Despite DeSantis arguing that his state reopened properly, multiple reports signaled the possibility of impending red flags. Health experts in Florida also weighed in as the state reopened.

While some of the experts noted that DeSantis did have a substantial plan for reopening, others insisted that the plan may have been deployed too quickly.

Dr. Les Beitsch, who served as Florida’s Deputy Secretary of Health in 2018, noted that the state only had one opportunity to reopen properly.

Like Fauci, Beitsch also stressed the level of difficulty that would come with trying to quell an accelerated spread of the virus once the state reopened.

“Once you reopen, it’s difficult to have a time out. It creates a serious concern about people’s trust in their leadership,” Beitsch said. “And if you’re incorrect, the consequences could be catastrophic.”

Yale epidemiologist Gregg Gonsalves also previously weighed in on Florida’s reopening, noting the high “chances of reoccurrence” if reopening was not executed properly.

“If this were based on the science,” Gonsalves said, DeSantis “would realize that the chances of recurrence, even if we do all the right things, is very likely to happen once, or more than once, over the next year or two until we have a vaccine.”

As of Saturday morning, there are more than 244,000 known coronavirus cases in the state of Florida. Despite the continued rise in coronavirus cases, DeSantis previously insisted he will not close the state again.


  1. Chuck: you can believe what you want, it is a free country, but you can’t have your own facts.

  2. Sorry, Chuck. No evidence ties BLM protests to new COVID infections. None that I’ve heard, anyway. If you’ve got it, cite it. The new infections seem to be springing up in the under-35s because they (especially college age kids) like to hang out in close contact at bars and parties, trying to make friends, get some nooky, show how they can break rules and be a disappointment to their parents, etc., etc. And they like to stand shoulder to shoulder without masks to do it. People are taking better care not to let the infection into nursing homes, and the elderly who can take care of themselves are scared and taking care. Thus, more young people get the disease, and fewer oldsters die. Don’t know about the Trump rally impact; I’m pretty sure I’d be hearing a lot if there were any indicative data.

  3. The protesters, rioters brought and spread the virus all over the US and the lack of social distancing caused all these people, their relatives and anyone else they came in contact with to catch the disease. The lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats like Syphilis, Squat, John, etc all would like to blame Trump, however his rally in Tulsa didn’t spread the virus all over the country. The new cases are predominately 35 and under. Protesters were predominately 35 and under. The original cases were predominately in the elderly. Now, the traveling agitators and instigators, starting protests have created three distinct strains. If they keep creating crowds and mobs, soon it may evolve into a disease that won’t be limited to a 6 ft radius.

    Speaking of the protests, has anyone else read the ‘Breathe Act’, the newest BS move of the BLM? It’s really interesting. They would have all the prisons, jails, juvenile centers emptied, no more surveillance, no more facial recognition, no more DEA or ICE, no more border patrol, no more resource officers or police or metal detectors or armed security in schools, no more military weapons for police, no more ankle monitoring, no more detention centers for illegals at the border, and more nonsense. I would appear that they want to turn America into Somalia or Libya or some other 3rd world cesspool, a criminal’s paradise. All the protections for society would be removed. If it happens here in MT, I know how it will be handled. The offenders will be eliminated, the old fashioned way. This puke fest will be unveiled on Tuesday, by all reports, by the Movement for Black Lives, with John Legend singing. It has won early support among some of the more progressive lawmakers, including Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib, who also are due to participate in the news conference. How wonderful!! You remember Ayanna Pressley, she wants to cancel all student loan debt. Rashida Tlaib is about as anti-American as anyone can be. Democrats want to destroy America. This is one more step. Time for an end to this Liberal BS.

  4. Fauci is a fraud. The whole approach is bullshit. People under 55 have almost zero chance of dying. The flu is worse for this. Besides Fauci is tied to China, and Gilead and that’s why he’s pushing Remdesivir which cost $5000. For a treatment vs. essentially zero for HQC. The FDA is corrupt. The FDA officials are setting up their next job at a drug company. The cause more people to die than they save. Keep in mind that the Democrat party is praying for death, and the destruction of our economy. That’s why why they turned a blind eye to the rioters, looters and BLM/Antifa terrorists.

  5. GC: Talk to most the most recent spate of refugees from Venezuela, most would beg to differ with your assessment.

  6. “We need herd immunity now!” Les

    Les is confused.

    Hasn’t he heard yet that the Trump Virus does NOT give herd immunity? Les, the Trump Virus antibodies only last 2 months, at most 3, before they disappear. Keep up.

    There will be no herd immunity before we get a vaccine, therefore we MUST protect ourselves NOW the best that we know how. I know that is inconvenient for you (and VERY inconvenient for King Donald The Loser), but we do have to be smarter about this.

  7. DeSantis did not follow CDC guidelines to open up Florida pure and simple. All he did was take direction from trump, what a moron. That would be both of them as morons. I don’t know how Ron can do his job with trumps dick in his mouth all the time. You are such a good soldier Ron following the presidents direction. You and trump will have something in common, you will both be one term politicians. Ron get your head out of your ass and give trump his stumpy little dick back ( not my words but Stormy’s ) and do your friggin job !!

  8. The insanity from these “doctors” is that we can stop the spread or that 99.99% of us won’t die from it should be locked down. We need herd immunity now!

  9. Awe, poor Scotty the Imposter did not get any consolation from his mommy today.

  10. So, we have 244,000 testing positive – does not mean they are ill or hospitalized, just tested positive. That’s a big number. Yet, when you stop to realize FL has the third largest state population of over 20.6 MILLION, over two million more than NY, 244,000 is no longer that big a number. It translates to 0.0844%. Hmmmm, we had more polio cases back in the “50s proportionately; proportionately, we have more flu cases annually; more colds, etc.. Our Governor did a great job of shelter-in-place, closing schools, businesses, churches, etc.. With the increase of deaths from drug overdose and suicide, as well as out-and-out depression skyrocketing because people are desperate and need to work, we need to reopen. Our children need to socialize and so do we. Humans are social. Our nature is to be with others. That is how children and we learn. Keeping us all afraid of each other is outrageous and that’s precisely what the lame-stream media is doing. Fauci is a leftist from way back so anything he says is tainted politically. Notice how far Dr. Birx stayed away from him and she, too, is a D, but she spoke through logic and statistics, not opinion. Fauci uses opinion. Don’t forget, Fauci worked with China’s Wuhan lab for over 10 years developing viruses, even giving them more than $12 MILLION from our money. FL is doing fine – if someone had the virus back in March, never tested, and feels fine, decides now they want to be tested and results are positive, does not mean they have the virus now, but had it in the past but the number shows an increase because of that test result. Our Governor never ordered senior centers/nursing homes to admit all COVID patients thus killing THOUSANDS of elderly as Cuomo in NY. Our governor never yelled “uncle” – send me ventilators while Cuoomo had thousands stored in Jersey. Our governor never screamed our hospitals were overrun with COVID so the huge Jacob Javitz Center was retrofitted into a hospital where 1100 were treated at how many millions did that cost? Of course, there were closed hospitals in NY and empty hospitals, too, where staffs were laid off. Our governor never screamed “uncle” so the USNS Comfort was sent there and after three weeks there, left having treated fewer than 200 patients. One hospital here in FL, has two POSSIBLE cases, but the pulmonologist has said he doubts it., but is awaiting test results. So, please stop politicizing an infectious disease. It’s a disease. Deal with it. YOU are responsible for YOURSELF. Take all the precautions you want, and don’t expect others to make your decisions. Grow up. Who cares what Fauci, Birx, Trump, Cuomo, DeSantis, etc., say…do what is best for you. Stay away from the beaches if you want. Don’t go shopping or out to eat, if you want. Your choice. But stop looking to BLAME. You want to blame? Blame China for destroying the world economy and our lives. They did it, no one else. Read the international studies showing so.

  11. Awe poor Scotty the Imposter, Michael and Phyllis, it must be tough living in a fantasy world. Too many fairy tales read to you by your mommy in her basement.

  12. “Paul and friends, are you really that dense?” Michael

    The only upside to people being as dense as some on IJR show that they are is that they have a greater potential to be self-eliminating.

    Make Americans Smart Again

    And Matt Gaetz will always be a tool.

  13. “there is little to worry about” John

    You are wrong. You do NOT want to risk getting the Trump Virus. Follow the guidelines and stay safe.

  14. I see that you trumphuhklican, Caucasian trash n*ggers are still talking stupid shit.

  15. When it looks like asshole, talks like an asshole,

    acts like an asshole it is the trumpuke’s ass kissing

    governor of Flawriduh.

  16. “As of Saturday morning, there are more than 244,000 known coronavirus cases in the state of Florida”
    100% untrue. This is fear mongering. Nobody knows how many cases there “are”.
    There “have been” more than 244,000 cases reported since testing started in March.
    We have no idea how many current cases there are.
    This is why you news organizations are being accused of fake news. Lazy reporting @Meaghan Ellis or deceitful?

  17. Michael, YES! They are that dense. If Trump says the sky is green and the grass is blue, they claim what he says is so. Make America SANE Again.

  18. Phyllis, maybe DeSantis unfortunately absorbed to much of the liberal BS from the liberal/socialist/communist professors at the universities.

  19. The number of cases goes up as testing increases yet the death rate goes down in spite of Florida’s elderly population who self-quarantine. As long as you don’t introduce the virus into nursing homes there is little to worry about. Someone tell this to the Governor of NY.

  20. all medical officers have giving contradictory and confusing advice – their role must be critically examined

  21. Having lived among academics all of my adult life, I know this: Many are arrogant cretins in love with their degrees. They know little about the real world. It’s time to put a muzzle on Fauci and other self-absorbed intellectuals who try to control our lives.

  22. I go with Ben Franklin’s counsel: “They who would give up their liberty for a bit of temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety!” Right on, Ben! It’s time for this “panicdemic” to be OVER — six months ago!

  23. For all the naysayers on this thread, would you be happy if Florida’s economy tanked?
    Most of the deaths are in miami/ dade county and that is because the morons living there just don’t care. Grow up people and grow a pair, you clowns are so afraid of death you would sacrifice the whole country.

  24. 70,000 is too small of a number to make an impression of the large number who are unconcerned about getting sick. Only two one hundredths of 1%.

    One would have thought that the Internet would have improved our ability to communicate about important things, by now.

  25. Phyllis: incompetence and stupidity often make it to the top on defiance of all logic.

  26. It defies logic to believe a graduate of Yale and Harvard did not comprehend the CDC guidelines for state’s re-opening. 14-day Decline in Covid cases, Significant ramp up of testing, and a Contact Tracing network in place. It is not as if a high school diploma was needed. Yale and Harvard should rescind DeSantis’ degrees.

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