DeSantis Team Takes Jab at Joy Reid: 'Upset That You Got Turned Down Again'


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ team fired back at MSNBC host Joy Reid after she mocked him for his expression during a press conference.

Reid posted a tweet reacting to DeSantis’ expression as President Joe Biden talked about climate change while addressing Hurricane Ian relief efforts.

“I think the one thing that this has finally ended is the discussion about whether or not there’s climate change and whether we should do something about it,” Biden said.

Reid reacted, tweeting, “DeSantis’ face is saying so much in this clip…”

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Deputy press secretary Jeremy Redfern fired back at Reid for her mockery by posting an email showing that the governor’s team rejected a request for comment ahead of the midterm elections.

“Last spoke when I was with CBS Nat News a few months ago… Can hop on a phone if that’s easiest,” Reid’s team stated in the email.

Redfern replied, “Nah, we are good.”

Was this a good comeback?

Earlier this month, Reid blasted DeSantis for warning residents not to loot homes amid recovery from the hurricane.

“‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts.’—segregationist Miami sheriff Walter E. Headley, 1967. Didn’t take DeSantis long to return to form,” Reid tweeted.

She also previously took joy in Florida receiving federal aid for hurricane relief.

Former Florida Rep. David Jolly told Reid, “The heat’s coming because this is a governor who is the administrator of an economy on the brink of collapse, who has spent money on priorities that don’t support Floridians.”

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He added, “And while today we focus on his executive leadership, there will be hard questions coming.”

Reid replied, “And by the way, it’s not even executive leadership. He simply — all he has to do now is open up his arms and receive federal money.”

She continued, “Let’s just be clear: People are going to have to go to FEMA. People are going to have to go to the feds for that money.”

The host argued DeSantis now has to “go hat in hand to Joe Biden for aid,” adding, “It’s something he didn’t even believe in as a Tea Partier.”

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