Op-Ed: Itxu Díaz: Fauci’s False Notion of Total Security


Perhaps if you quarantine yourself in the germ-free sterile environment of a plastic bubble while living in a secluded bunker, you could get very close to what Dr. Fauci and his clones around the world desire for you. That is, you can get closer to total security. But then you would die of boredom.

The world is full of things that prick, cut or bruise — of things that poison, bite or infect. The world is a hostile place, and no one can protect you against all of that, not even the fatherlike Joe Biden.

After a year of the pandemic, everyone’s true colors have been revealed: The left is comfortable with trying to get the government to guarantee total security — a mythical concept, by the way — while the right feels better if the government interferes as little as possible.

The left is sure that a paternal government must protect citizens from everything. The right wing is convinced that there is nothing more dangerous than trusting the government.

In his latest remarks, Fauci has tried to shake off the critics with a smack, ensuring us that the government’s decisions are ordered by science. Well, who is science to give orders? What is science? At what point has science said to stop the Johnson & Johnson vaccine? Are you sure it said that? What kind of science said it? Mathematics? The natural sciences? Criminology? Politics?

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First of all, it should be clarified that science does not speak. I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a test tube walk around the laboratory, with its hands behind its back, saying, “Dear friends, we are in a historic moment and, as a test tube, I could not be more excited by addressing you in this beautiful auditorium on such a special day.”

Science offers material for others to ponder, decide and speak. But science cannot command anything, unless you consider the penicillin formula or a fruit’s oxidation process an imperative command.

On the other hand, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen the scientific community change its mind every five minutes while governments around the world take shots in the dark, combining excessive restrictive measures with others that are just plain ridiculous.

While Europe emphasizes night curfews — as if we were at war and the coronavirus were in the habit of taking advantage of the silence of the night to make its attack — many other regions consider masks to be little less than an anti-missile shield that one cannot part with — not even when vacationing on the moon.

This is not science; it’s superstition.

When a group of citizens, fed up with the unreasonable demands of their politicians, decide to go out and protest in order to get explanations, the leaders always respond the same: “We limit ourselves to doing what the scientists say,” which is a way of giving this stupid century its favorite drug. For years we have exalted science to the height of the greatest deity, so it is unlikely that a majority of citizens can now mistrust its word.

It just so happens that science is one thing that bases its success on its many failures, which doesn’t sound flattering when lives are at stake. And, on the other hand, scientists work in parallel universes, out of touch with business, the economy, and real life.

If no one in their right mind would vote for a scientific party, I don’t know, Scientists Without Borders, for example, why in the world are governments leaving all this exclusively in its hands?

But even if a legion of scientists is guiding the government, hardly anyone knows exactly who they are and what drives them. After all, in addition to being scientists, I suppose they are human and, therefore, political subjects. But they might not even be human. I’m not kidding.

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In Spain, after months of bizarre political decisions that the socialist-communist government attributed to a large scientific committee, we discovered that the committee was nonexistent. In other words, there was no such committee. The ruinous and absurd restrictions were taken by President Sánchez after meeting with himself.

So when you hear that such a decision has been made following the orders of science, be suspicious. And after doubting, doubt again. There are those who are recovering their dream of a communist paradise in the West using the coronavirus as an excuse. And we do have a vaccine against that: It’s called freedom and more freedom.

This article first appeared on The Western Journal en Español.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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