Driver of Electric Vehicle Comes up With Solution to Drive 1,800 Miles Without Charging


The driver of an electric vehicle revealed how he drove 1,800 miles without making a stop to charge it.

A man named Matt Mikka posted a video to the YouTube channel “Warped Perception” titled, “Cordless Tesla (I Drive 1800 miles without charging).”

Mikka explained in the opening of the video, “I really like my Tesla but what I don’t like is stopping to charge, especially on a road trip.”

He continued, “I don’t even like stopping to fill up my gas-powered car, and that’s way faster than charging.”

Mikka then said he would be installing a 400-cc gas generator in the back of his vehicle.

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After heading out for his trip, Mikka ran into his first issue.

“I noticed an excess amount of fuel consumption. Thinking the spoiler was the culprit, I pulled over, removed the spoiler,” Mikka said.

He added, “But then soon realized, after a certain speed, I was spraying gasoline out of the rear of the car and that’s where all the fuel went.”

After the first stop, Mikka noted the car was at 40% battery.

Would you try this?

“This engine’s still running and it’s charging… 2% battery left but we made it all the way without charging,” Mikka said.

During the video, Mikka showed that he got pulled over for going too slow as he continued his trip.

Watch the video below:

“I pulled you over because you were going slower than the normal rate of traffic,” the police officer could be heard telling him.

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He replied, “If I go faster, I won’t make it. I can speed it up a little bit, and then I got to pull over and wait like 15 minutes, and then I can go and speed it up again. It’s a thing like time versus distance.”

Later on, the police were called with a complaint that the car was making too much noise.

Concluding his video, Mikka explained, “This was a cool build, but to me, it was basically useless.”

He continued, “It just didn’t have enough energy. I still had to stop and let the car charge itself up, which did not make me happy.”

On Monday CNBC reported Tesla shares dropped more than 7% after the company slashed the price of some of the vehicles in China.

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