'Duck Dynasty' Stars Attend March for Life Rally With a Heartfelt Message for Women


“This could be the last march that we are under Roe vs. Wade,” conservative television star Rachel Campos-Duffy said Friday at the 49th annual March for Life rally, while interviewing the stars of “Duck Dynasty.”

“Duck Dynasty” star Lisa Robertson shared a personal account of when she became pregnant at 16 years old saying a doctor lied to her that “until a baby is born, it is not a life.”

She continued to share that the doctor told her that to abort her child “was not really that big of a deal” and that she should just “go on with her life after it happens.”

Forty years later, Robertson says still regrets her decision to abort her child and said that she still thinks of that day, every day of her life, but knows that through Jesus Christ, she has been “redeemed and forgiven.”

Lisa Robertson went on to say that she “just wants women to know the truth, before they make the decision to abort their child.”

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“When you abort your child, it doesn’t get rid of the problem, that’s just when your problems begin,” she said.

Additionally, Allen Robertson, her husband, said that he wants to get “the curse” of abortion “off of this country,” and that it brings him hope to see all the young people around town.

“The pro-life movement is now the pro-love movement,” he said.

Campos-Duffy said the Robertsons have not only dedicated their lives “to serving God, but to serving this movement as well.”

Watch the video below:

On January 22, 1974 thousands of pro-lifers took part in the first March for Life in Washington, D.C., to stand up for the unborn and it has been going ever since.

God says in Psalm 127:3, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him”. Every child, regardless of how she or he was conceived, is valuable and should be given the right to live. Babies are not just a clump of cells, they are also image-bearers of God.

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