Elon Musk Quietly Invites Blacklisted Professor to Twitter HQ, What's His Next Move?


Stanford University professor of medicine Dr. Jay Bhattacharya was one of the doctors who questioned the mainstream COVID-19 pandemic narrative early on. For sharing his concerns, like many others, he was virtually censored from existence on platforms like Twitter.

Since Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform and in the wake of the release of part of the “Twitter Files” that has pulled back the curtain on the extent of Big Tech’s censorship tactics, Dr. Bhattacharya revealed Sunday on Twitter that he had spent the day at Twitter’s headquarters to determine why he was blacklisted under Twitter’s old management.

Dr. Bhattacharya wrote, “I spent the afternoon yesterday at Twitter HQ at the invitation of @elonmusk to find out more about the trend ‘blacklist’ that twitter placed on me & more. A short thread on what I found out follows.”

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He went on to explain why he believes he was initially placed on Twitter 1.0’s secret “blacklist,” claiming he thinks the action resulted from a tweet that he pinned which linked to the Great Barrington Declaration — a movement by a large group of scientists to expose the potentially devastating consequences of public lockdowns.

Bhattacharya also revealed that his request for Twitter verification was repeatedly rejected. He noted that Twitter never formally explained why he and epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff were not afforded the infamous blue checkmark, only being told they weren’t “notable” enough for such a designation.

But it was the doctor’s final part of his multi-part tweet that seems to be the talk of the town and seemingly spurred Musk to take a very public stance against Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“It will take some time to find out more about what led Twitter 1.0 to act so imperiously, but I am grateful to @elonmusk, who has promised access to help find out. I will report the results on Twitter 2.0, where transparency and free speech rule. 4/4,” Dr. Battacharya tweeted.

On Sunday, Musk published several tweets that created overwhelming responses from both sides, as he took a massive jab at Fauci and the pronoun people.

“My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci,” Musk tweeted, which prompted many to speculate that Fauci’s involvement with and possible collusion with Big Tech companies during the pandemic, especially with Twitter, could be severe, if not criminal.

Less than an hour before Musk’s controversial and hilarious Fauci tweet, he had posted a meme depicting Fauci telling President Joe Biden to do “just one more lockdown.”

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Musk hit the COVID cult crowd with another dig on Monday, writing, “The Branch Covidians are upset lol.”

Clearly, after Musk’s quiet invite to Twitter’s headquarters for Bhattacharya to discuss what happened to his account at such a critical time during the pandemic, Twitter’s new owner is beyond fired up.

It’s unclear at the time of this writing why Musk has aggressively pursued mocking Fauci and his potential involvement in Twitter’s COVID-19-related censorship actions. Still, many believe something big is coming out soon in the form of the next “Twitter Files” release.

Curious Twitter users questioned Musk if and when revelations about Fauci might be released to the public. Musk happily answered.

“When will we get the twitter files on covid? The info on the suspension of the many doctors and scientists? Who was involved? Suppression of what has turned out to be factual information,” one Twitter user asked on Sunday.

Musk responded, “Oh it is coming bigtime …”

Only time will tell how much trouble, either public or criminal, Fauci could be in once the next “Twitter Files” release hits the platform, but it could easily be one of the most newsworthy yet, and that’s saying something, given everything the world has learned thus far.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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