Eric Trump Blasts Businesses Cutting Ties With the Trump Organization After Capitol Riot

Eric Trump, one of President Donald Trump’s sons, is slamming businesses that have cut ties with the Trump Organization following the riot at the U.S. Capitol last week.

“We live in the age of cancel culture, but this isn’t something that started this week. It is something that they have been doing to us and others for years,” Eric Trump told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

He added, “If you disagree with them, if they don’t like you, they try and cancel you.”

Eric Trump has been running the family’s company alongside Donald Trump Jr. since his father became president in 2016.

He later told the AP, “You have a man who would get followed to the ends of the Earth by a hundred million Americans. He created the greatest political movement in American history and his opportunities are endless.”

The AP asked Eric Trump if he believes his father incited the crowd last week. However, the president’s son paused and then hung up.

Tom Brenner/Reuters

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) made an announcement on Wednesday where he said on MSNBC that the City of New York is “severing all contracts with the Trump Organization.” There are four sites in the city that the Trump Organization has contracts for.

De Blasio said, pointing to the riot that occurred last Wednesday, “Inciting an insurrection against the United States government clearly constitutes criminal activity. The City of New York will no longer have anything to do with the Trump Organization.”

The PGA of America also stripped Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., of the 2022 PGA Championship.

Additionally, banks and other companies have pulled back on their political contributions to lawmakers following the protests, and Deutsche Bank, Trump’s biggest lender, has decided to drop Trump and his companies.


  1. These major corporations need to learn that their CEO’s make millions in salaries every year because of capitalism. I actually hopes this country adopt socialist ways the government takes over the banks and big industry and they all lose their million dollar cushy jobs

  2. Every member of Trump’s family is a disgrace. Except Baron, who nobody knows about. Maybe Melania too, who’s occasionally a laughable embarrassment, but not necessarily a disgrace.

  3. The SAME people complaining about companies taking their 1st Amendment rights away, you know, to protect their companies (the capitalistic way, baby) also wanted Colin Kaepernick to be fired for him kneeling. We have come full circle on THAT one, too.

    Funny how that works, huh? So delicious.

  4. OH NO ! All the trump supporters will boycott big tech. These morons can’t even work a TV remote. Their waist size is a bigger number then their IQ, and that includes Orange Head Fat Ass.

  5. The Trump family is so totally infected with the disease “Rich, White Entitled Virus” that they just can’t believe anyone would turn on them. I’m thoroughly enjoying this!!

  6. Thank you Phyllis!! You gave it good!!
    Ron she is so right and you just don’t want to believe it. People like you helped cause last Wednesday’s hostile deadly attempted coup. You, too, will perish with the rest of the country.
    Yes we will CONTINUE to cancel you! Over and over and over! Just as we’ve been doing.
    Please tell the country how your older sister is persona non grata in New York, Miami, Cannes and so many other hot spots in the art and entertainment fields.
    She had a rough time huh?
    Please tell the country how your older brother and monstrous wife have been excommunicated from FIVE, say it Eric, FIVE organizations.
    Now tell the country about your wife and you and what happened when you “thought” you’d be welcomed with open arms to the event 2 weeks ago.

    It may not seem important to some of you reading here however for millennials to be canceled and become persona non grata it hurts.
    And baby boy Eric is hurt.
    I love it!

  7. LOL…..I am always amused when Trump and Trumpers decry “cancel culture.” Here is an incomplete list of boycotts Trump has called”

    Goodyear—boycott called when the company’s dress code forbade political attire, including “MAGA caps”
    Harley Davidson—boycott called when the company announced plans to move manufacturing of motorcycles intended for sale in the EU. In response to Trump’s tariffs, the EU announced their own tariffs.
    Oreos—-Trump called for a boycott of the cookie for Lord only knows what that was about.
    Macy’s—-Trump called for us to cut up our Macy cards after they stopped selling his ties.
    NFL and NBA—Trump called for a boycott when he disapproved of the players and owners’ support of EQUAL JUSTICE.
    Media—-the list is endless….He has called for the firing of members of ALL 3 of the cable news network—even his previous favorite network of FOX News. Megyn Kelly, Shep Smith, Chris Wallace. After FOX called Arizona for Biden on Nov 3rd, Trump called for the boycott of the network he previously called his “favorite.” The boycott calls for other networks that dare call out his “lies” are well known—even attempting to ban Jim Acosta from the WH press room.

  8. Those going against the Trump name will lose. He has millions of supporters. They’ll boycott Big Tech, cancel all social media, delete all activity with Amazon, Apple, Verizon. Their actions are the root of what’s coming. So sad that Free Speech has been trampled on but it’ll come back stronger than ever. Too many folks have fought for freedom and this country. We won’t give up. We’ll fight once again.

    1. Ron, you are as delusional as Trump. YES, he has millions of supporters—but Trump is not the only individual they read on social media. Andy Biggs, Jim Jordan, Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, et al….are posting on Twitter TODAY! Are you thinking THEIR supporters are not die-hard Trumpsters??? As I attempted to get through to you before, Twitter followers do not follow only ONE account.

      I would be remiss not to point out the obvious to you. IJR is on social media that you are calling to boycott. I also need to point out that 81,282,485 voters cast ballots for Biden. Are you thinking they are going to join your boycott? Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple’s stock are up today so Wall Street is not anticipating a follow thru of the threats to boycott them.

      WHO is it that you perceive has trampled on YOUR free speech rights? YOU are on social media calling for a cancellation of all social media and your post is present for all of us to read.—-Need I point out the absurdity of your beliefs?

    2. “Those going against the Trump name will lose.” Ron

      Really? I doubt that. You see, King Donald The Loser is now so marginalized that he is quickly losing all of whatever power and influence that he had. Why do you think I call him a loser? NOBODY doing whatever His Majesty was doing could EVER be called a winner for long, and I was proven right again. Tell us why YOU think he can ever get his royal mojo back again? He is isolated, he has cut a LOT of ties with the very people who could help him, and as soon as he is out of office the legal and financial attacks begin. He will be FAR too busy to worry about little old you or me. In what way did YOU think all of his vicious personal attacks and other crimes were going to end well? How? For anyone?

      “Too many folks have fought for freedom and this country. We won’t give up. We’ll fight once again.” Ron

      No, too many have fought for the wrong things for far too long, Ron. They, maybe even you, have fought against your own countrymen rather than trying to help or get along with them. And that fight has been deadly. For example, you or your neighbors don’t have a good health care system, like the rest of the developed world has; we are still stuck with a criminally expensive insurance scam. You keep on electing the same old corrupt politicians which keeps us fighting one another while they take bribes from the rich. You have absolutely NO INTEREST in making sure people less fortunate than you will get the right kind of support that they need even to survive, in the wealthiest and most amazing country in the world. Why did you DO that?

      Freedom? You have no idea WHAT real freedom is, except as something that lets YOU trample all over other people with impunity. I don’t agree with THAT type of “freedom” and I will fight you over thinking that you can get away with doing that, buddy.

    1. Have you actually READ “1984”, Roland, because if you had, you forgot that it was the government that controlled the people, not companies trying to reign in unruly users of their services.

      On that note, yes, Roland, based on the evidence that you just provided, we ARE doomed.

    1. LOL…General, if Trumps do not accept responsibility for the INTENDED consequences, WHY would you perceive that they would accept responsibility for the UNINTENDED consequences?