ESPN Panelist: US Can't Criticize China's Ongoing Genocide Because of Voter Security Laws


ESPN star J.A. Adande apparently thinks no one in America should criticize China over its outrageous human rights abuses because the U.S. is somehow just as bad.

Adande, the director of sports journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill School and a frequent quest on ESPN, was part of a panel discussion about China’s genocide Olympics on Friday, and during his comments he dismissed China’s widely accepted and denounced record of human rights abuses in favor of pushing his political agenda here in the U.S.A.

As far as Adande is concerned, no one in the U.S.A. has a right to attack China because Adande thinks “voting rights” are under attack here.

“Who are we to criticize China’s human rights records,” Adande exclaimed, “when we have ongoing attacks by the agents of the state against unarmed citizens and we’ve got assaults on the voting rights of, of our people of color in various states in this country?”

Adande is, of course, pushing the leftist fiction that American police officers are engaged in a constant string of shootings of unarmed black Americans and the false political agenda from those who claim that Republicans are working to take the vote away from minorities.

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Neither of the claims holds water, but both also form the core of many political campaign rhetoric coming from Democrats and their extremist, left-wing agitator cohorts.

But that isn’t all. Adande went on to give support to Chinese propaganda by adding: “I think we can bring attention to it. I think it’s, it’s notable that we did have a Uyghur participant lighting the torch.”

In this, Adande is signing onto China’s propagandist use of a token Chinese citizen of Uyghur descent as a front man to pretend it is not engaging in genocide against its Uyghur minority.

Comparing China’s real and systemic oppression of its internal opposition to the fictitious claims that buttress the Democrat political agenda in the U.S. is outrageous, to say the least.

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Take the false claim that minorities are having their voting rights taken away in America, for instance. Democrats continue to claim that minorities — and blacks in particular — are being systematically denied the vote in the U.S.

The real statistics show just the opposite. According to the left-leaning Brookings Institute, blacks have a higher turnout rate than other minorities and at times — in 2012 and 2016 for example — even had a higher voting rate than whites. Also, black voting has risen with every election since 1990, well before state laws requiring photo identification to vote began to appear.

Then there is Adande’s false, but all too common, claim that American police officers are gunning blacks down indiscriminately. Democrats have made it a shibboleth that blacks are being gunned down by racist cops “every day” in America. The actual facts do not support the political proclamation.

For instance, in 2020 New Jersey’s Democrat Sen. Cory Booker exclaimed: “This is the story of life every single day. And we have so many people in our country, African-American men, mostly unarmed, being murdered by police officers and no way of holding them accountable.”

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This is false, as Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained during a segment in June of 2020.

“[In 2019], The Post logged a total of 1,004 killings. Of the 802 shootings in which the race of the police officer and the suspect was noted, 371 of the those killed were white; 236 were black. The vast majority of those killed were not in fact, unarmed. The vast majority were armed, and African-American suspects were significantly more likely to have a deadly weapon than white suspects. Yet more white suspects were killed.”

That is 1,000 police-involved killings in a nation of more than 300 million citizens — and 44 million blacks. This is hardly some sort of genocide on American soil!

Meanwhile, fully 43 nations have joined together to condemn China for its very real and ongoing genocide and enslavement of its Uyghur population by signing onto a statement blasting China that was presented to the U.N. in 2021.

In addition, the group Human Rights Watch and others have criticized the International Olympics Committee for choosing China to host the 2022 games and has repeatedly blasted China for its human rights abuses.

The atmosphere in China is so oppressive that nearly every major western nation advised athletes and staffers to leave their personal computers and mobile devices home and bring disposable burner phones to Beijing to thwart China from spying on them, both in Beijing and after they leave to go home.

But Professor Adande believes the real oppression is taking place in America.


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