‘Everyone Is Being Way Too Emotional’: Nikki Haley Calls Impeachment a ‘Waste of Time’

Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is dismissing the latest impeachment effort being mounted against President Donald Trump

During an appearance on Newsmax on Thursday, Haley said, “I think right now, everyone is being way too emotional. I mean, to have an impeachment on a president that’s not even going to be there next week, I don’t even know that that’s Constitutional.

“But more than that, this is all a waste of energy, its a waste of time, we need to focus on the things that matter,” Haley added.

She went on to note the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and the delay in getting doses to Americans, the number of students who have fallen behind in their studies due to the pandemic, and the thousands of businesses that are struggling to stay afloat due to the lockdowns meant to curb the spread of the violence.

“And more than that, what I worry about is Russia, China, and Iran are looking at us, seeing us in total chaos, and this is a national security issue. We’ve gotta form a government… I think the impeachment hearings were a waste of time,” she continued.

Finally, she said, “Everyone’s just way too emotional, and they’ve gotta just tamp this down.”

Watch the video below:

The House voted to impeach Trump for “incitement of insurrection” on Wednesday, one week after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol.

The vote marked the first time a U.S. president was impeached twice.

10 House Republicans voted to advance the article of impeachment against Trump. The Senate will hold an impeachment trial to decide whether or not to convict the president on the incitement charge.

However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said he would not reconvene the chamber until January 19 — one day before President-elect Joe Biden is slated to be sworn in.

The timeline has raised questions about whether the Senate can vote to convict Trump once he leaves office.


  1. Talk about a waste of money that could be distributed to the citizenry or used to advance public health issues.

    Once again politicians being petty, wasteful and moronic will only hurt the people, all the people.

  2. “But more than that, this is all a waste of energy, its a waste of time, we need to focus on the things that matter.” Nikki Haley

    And THAT is why you should forget about ever being our president, Nikki. Go away now.

      1. Glen, Impeachment is an indictment. The first impeachment R’s claimed “He learned his lesson.” and Yes, he committed impeachable offenses but it isn’t good for the country to remove him.
        Can you honestly say that it was good for the country to have a pandemic handled so poorly that our country will have over 400,000 Covid death by the time he leaves office? Was it good for the country to have a POTUS that contradicted the medical and public health experts? Was it good for the country to be told COVID was “a Democrat hoax”? Was it good for the country for the POTUS to NOT confront Putin on the cyberattack of OUR government? Was it good for the country to BLATANTLY LIE to his weak-minded supporters that the election was stolen from him? —-The defense of those arrest for the Jan 6th Insurrection claim they believed everything Trump said. Is it good for the Capitol to look like the Green Zone in Iraq because militias that claim to believe Trump are planning attacks on the inauguration of a duly elected President? Can you honestly believe ANY of this would have occurred if Mike Pence had become POTUS on February 5th, 2020??

        1. “our country will have over 400,000 Covid death by the time he leaves office” Phyllis

          Yesterday, I chose a term to refer to these victims of King Donald The Loser’s incompetence: martyers, but it needs a modifyer. COVID martyers, unnecessary martyers, American martyers, something like that. Unfortunately, some of the dead died willingly, but many didn’t, so it is complicated, to get it just right. Any ideas?

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